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Arturia updates Spark to v1.1.3

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Arturia recently updated Spark to version 1.1.3.

New Features:

  • Spark Software:
    • Production/Host:
      • Export Audio: Progress Window during Audio Export. Pre-render is available on right-click on the pattern in the library to avoid rendering during drag. The rendered patterns can be dragged after rendering.
      • Studio: Preview samples in the Sample loading Dialog Box.
      • Automations: Added VST automations on Loop feature and Pad Fx.
      • Audio Preferences: Dialog box GUI updated for more consistency.
    • Live/DJ:
      • Mute/Solo: Recall of last Mute/Solo.
      • Tempo: Add a way to increase or decrease temporarily the tempo (DJ desk Mode).
      • Slicer: Realtime Slicer + improvements.
      • Automations: Erase automation with Erase+automated knob.
  • Spark Hardware: Shortcuts:
    • Automations: Add a way to erase automation from the controller.
    • Pattern: Add a way to Copy/Paste patterns from the controller.
    • Metronome: Add a way to set metronome on/off from the controller.
    • Mute/Solo: Add a way to set Mute and Solo with no recall.
    • Sequencer: Add a way to set pattern length from the controller (Select + >> <<).
    • Shortcuts for panels Add a way to display panels from controller.
    • Sequencer: Add a way to set Rec quantized/unquantized pref from controller.
    • Tempo: Add a way to to increase or decrease temporarily the tempo (DJ desk Mode) from the controller.
    • Tempo: Add a way to display tempo on the screen from the controller.
    • Automations: Add a way to change parameter assigned to parameter knobs from the controller.

Bug Fix:

  • Loading instruments: loading an instrument from the library view resets the project list to the first project.
  • LCD: Changing value on a parameter will scroll the LCD to display beginning of parameter name.
  • Erase: Sometimes erase waits for the cancel event for ages.
  • Sequencer: Adding a step in the soft sequencer should light the matching step on the controller.
  • Sequencer: Led off on first step when is set on and current position is on the first step.
  • Project: In plug-in Mode, project data can be corrupted when reloaded if it has been saved in the meantime in standalone mode.
  • Roll: When Spark interface is closed Roll can sometimes be triggered on the selected instrument with no reason.
  • sample: Sample Release is set to 0 when a new empty project is created. Some samples are not audible after Rex import.
  • studio: Drum icons highlight when playing.
  • Automations: sometimes parameter go back to a value a the beginning of the pattern without any automation.
  • Automations: First quarter motion doesn't work sometimes.
  • Automations: Erase Automation on parameter 4, 5 and 6 doesn't work.
  • Automations: Crash when a parameter already assigned is reassigned for instrument 9 to 16.
  • Shuffle: Shuffle behaviour is sometimes weird for value when knob is turned more than half.
  • Project: Special characters are not filtered in project name. This can sometimes lead to corrupted project especially when Slash character is used.
  • Jog Dial/Library: Improvements for the Jog Dial used in Instrument Mode. The project and instrument selected by the jog dial is displayed in the library.
  • LCD Messages: Improvements.
  • Automations: Automation on/off parameter is not saved.
  • New Project: When creating a new project and loading drums, instrument's names are not updated.
  • Load: Crash when loading a project.
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