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Audio Poison

Audio Poison Releases Stagger 1.0.5 AU/VST

Audio Poison has released version 1.0.5 of Stagger AU/VST for Mac OS X and Windows.

Stagger is a multi-effect and step sequencer hybrid packed with over 50 effects and effect combinations that can be used as building blocks to drive a sound. The effects can be combined, or step sequenced, into a total of 16 patterns, each containing 4 layers. Each step can be assigned to 1 of 5 effect kernels that each have their own dedicated LFO and Envelope controls.

The envelope, instead of a traditional ADSR, is composed of a four-segment bezier curved control voltage. For the polynomial evaluation, bezier curving can be used for more natural sounding transitions. The control voltage output, or destination, can be routed to either the selected effect parameters or low frequency oscillator.

Stagger includes over 50 filters and effects which are powered by a propriety digital signal processing library which was built entirely from the ground up. The filters are based on analog prototypes which have been bi-linearaly transformed into the digital domain. These filters include bi-quadrature LP/HP/BP/P/N filters in both 2nd and 4th order (cascaded). Further more, Stagger contains state variable filters configured for LP/HP/BP/P/N output.

Also included in the plugin is a selection of formant filters, modulators and effects built on filters combined with additional modulators, wave shaping and/or delay line based effects. The modulators include Ring, FM, PM, AM, AM-SSB, AM-DSB configurations which can be controlled by each of the dedicated envelopes.

Price: $80. A trial version can be found here.


Additional demonstration videos can be found here.

KVR Forum: www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=220

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