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Audiofile Engineering updates "Triumph" Audio Editor for Mac to v2.1.0

Audiofile Engineering recently updated Triumph, the Audio Editor for Mac OS X, to v2.1.0.


  • DDP Player tool.
  • Spectrogram meter.
  • VU Meter.
  • BBC Meter.
  • LU Meter.
  • Gobbler support.
  • Destination bar for source/destination editing.
  • adds Actions for source/destination editing.
  • digital scrubbing (Waveform settings > More > Scrubbing > Digital).
  • new selection lock commands in Preferences > Commands (stay tuned for video tutorial).
  • SoundCloud and Dropbox account information in Preferences.
  • adds ability to mark an Action as a favorite.
  • new icons for Triumph, DDP Player and First Aid.
  • adds a Project preference for default Waveform zoom level.
  • adds EBU R128 support for analysis.
  • new "Action" menu.
  • adds over 100 actions.
  • adds Spotlight importer.
  • adds support for Quick Look.
  • adds support for Mac OS X Mavericks.


  • adds new FHX improvements.
  • redesigned the Effects list with improved groups and sorting options.
  • revamps Labels interface in Sources sidebar including descriptions of Labels and display of keyboard commands.
  • improves sort and filter to the Effects and Actions lists.
  • major improvements and additions to the User Guide.
  • redesigned welcome and credits screens.
  • improves display of tab bars in Sources and Details.
  • SmartEdit anti-click now has options for default fade type and length.
  • adds a preference for default SmartEdit fade type.
  • new toolbar icons in Preferences and Triumph Support windows.
  • improves ability to drag Assets to SmartEdit List.
  • you can now double-click a time entry in the SmartEdit List to edit it.
  • improves display of Assets in SmartEdit List.
  • Assets now display their created date.
  • you can now drag "range" labels from the Details sidebar to the Waveform view and Assets list.
  • adds multichannel view option to Overview.
  • adds "Add Note at Selection Start," "Add Note at Selection End" and "Add Note at Playback Position" commands.
  • adds ability to retrieve computer code.
  • adds a new action set properties on selected Tracks.
  • adds Playback > Move to beginning to Commands.
  • double-clicking a Workspace tab will now present the Workspace settings panel.
  • when rendering a DDP set, Triumph will now warn you if the ISRC is not 12 characters.
  • various improvements to the Render assistant.
  • adds a key command for "Allow separate channel selection".
  • adds the ability to drag Assets to the SmartEdits list.
  • improves ability to resize items in content area.
  • an error is now returned if the source and destination layers are the same.
  • improves display of long Workspace names in tabs.
  • improves appearance of selection lock icons on non-Retina displays.
  • improves behavior of scroll bars in Sources sidebar.
  • commands to select next/previous Workspace have been moved to the Window menu.
  • minor improvements to selection lock behavior.
  • improves key commands for selecting next/previous workspace.
  • Actions and AppleScripts that take a long time no longer time out.
  • gracefully handles malformed DDP sets created by WaveLab.
  • improves naming of Assets when they are created with Actions.
  • improves behavior of Actions that render files.
  • adds "Get and Set location of Playback Head" and "Ability to Start/Stop/Pause playback from script" to AppleScript dictionary.
  • greatly improves the display of some text in the user interface.
  • adds "cutoffScaling," "preringing" and "filterSteepness" parameters for the iZotope resampler to the AppleScript dictionary.
  • open projects now appear in the Window menu.
  • adds an option to save all MD5 hashes for a DDP set into a single file.
  • adds a checkbox to enable/disable a Loop.
  • phone number is no longer required in Help Desk requests.
  • improves display of SmartEdits in situations when the vertical height of the Waveform bar is small.
  • Render assistant now remembers the previous save location and options.
  • Label, Selection, Fade, SmartEdits popovers now close when a user changes Layers.
  • Show Details and Show Source menu commands now reveal the appropriate sidebar if they are closed.
  • numerous performance improvements.
  • beta versions now utilize release license keys.
  • improves demo mode notifications.
  • various performance improvements.
  • over 200 bug fixes.
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