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Az Audio

AZ Audio announces new Ultra Trigger FX product range [incl. Free & Updates]

AZ Audio has announced that Ultra Trigger FX development has been split into three versions:

  • Ultra Trigger FX Free
  • Ultra Trigger FX Basic [the existing version]
  • Ultra Trigger FX Pro

Ultra Trigger FX Free [Free, v1.143]

Ultra Trigger FX Free is the same product as Ultra Trigger FX Basic except for the MIDI functionality.The map interface have been removed and the two trigger benches are automated with some pre-defined MIDI keys. All sliders can be automated with CC by editing assignments in an inifile, included in the download package.

Ultra Trigger FX Basic [€10, v1.143]

Ultra Trigger Basic is the same product as the original Ultra Trigger FX. Its price is lowered to €10 but all registered users from the offer 'core of users' will get a free licence for UTFX Pro.

Changes since v1.132:

  • Support for a MIDI sustain controller (CC64 or another one) new map item for this one.
  • More Chords presets in the 3Combs (15).
  • Glider for the 3Combs root parameter and for the Chords (voice specific).
  • Legato retrigger mode.

Ultra Trigger Pro [Price TBA]

Ultra Trigger FX Pro is based on Ultra Trigger FX Basic. The concept of this plugin remains the same: 8 fx can be played in real time thanks to two 'triggers benches'. However, some new features increase the potential of the effect:

  • FX dynamism: FX can be created/deleted on each of the 8 fx slots.
  • Stereo/mono (stereo merged) version of most of the UTFX B FX.
  • A set of new FX:
    • Doppler: a simple doppler effect based on ADopplerEn.
    • Multitaps: a Delay with 4 tape heads.
    • Clorus: a chorus.
    • PitchACCum: a granular pitch shifter with a delay line.
    • FreqACCum: a FFT based frequency shifter with a delay line.
    • DynFm1,DynFm2: Two simple FM osc with modulation controlled by the input.
    • Reverse: a sound reverser.
    • OverGrain: a granulator.
    • Granushift: a delay-based pitch shifter.
    • LP4Sinsat, LP4varsat: two LP 4 poles filters with a saturation.
  • Each of these FX has a specific parameter controlled by the 'SyncedValues triggers' button bench.
  • FX palette: FX can be drag and dropped from a list to the slot
  • FX chaining: FX can process audio output of another FX (from 1 to 8 FX in chain)
  • Classic FX mode: in this mode triggering a SV pad doesn't automate the mix fader and the fx behaves almost like a classic VST effect.
  • Various GUI improvements: buttons highlighting, better display of parameters values.

Ultra Trigger FX Pro is expected to be released during spring 2008. Licence cost has not yet been announced.

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