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beatassist.eu releases BumBer XT - Bass Drum Sampler and Synthesizer

beatassist.eu has released BumBer XT, a powerful bass drum Sampler and Synthesizer for Windows VST.

BumBer XT is the evolution of the previous incarnation, BumBer. It has all BumBer's functionality, plus more. The previous version had one built in signal, this new instrument features five different waveform signals for you to create bass drums. Each signal has a different pitch control range adapted to its body.

The Sampler, where you may insert 16- or 24-bit WAV samples, also has an independent pitch control.

For the signals, there were introduced two effects, Tambourine and Snare Based signals. These effects can play along with the beats created with BumBer XT and also have an independent pitch control.

BumBer XT has a 4-Band EQ connected to a multiband compressor, which are actually four independent compressors working with the frequency ranges provided in the Equalizer. A Distortion machine, Filter and a special Bandpass filter that can be used as a Bandpass EQ, because it works with 3 EQ Filter Types, frequency for these EQs, and Gains.

This machine also has a global Compressor that will compress every factor of the machine.

BumBer XT offers 165 WAV bass drums for modification and can load/save .FXB banks.

Price: €15.

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