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beatassist.eu has released GanGsta, a new Groove Box / Drum Sampler for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.

GanGsta has five .wav slots per patch (supports 16- and 24-bit samples). Each of these slots has three pitch modes that can be automated independently.

Every slot also has:

  • Forward/Reverse option;
  • Loop option;
  • Stereo Widening;
  • ADSR Amp envelope;
  • Filter (LP/BP/HP/Notch);
  • Tempo Sync LFO with several capabilities;
  • Stereo Delay effect with both Right and Left gains and free or sync delay;

Each of the five slots can be connected to four global effects:

  • Flanger;
  • Chorus;
  • Distortion;
  • Compressor;

The Pad Cells can be MIDI controlled if you wish to trigger shot sounds through a pad launcher, and patch change also may be MIDI controlled.

GanGsta includes 374 .wav samples in the Sound Bank, can Load/Save .fxb Banks and has a range of 64 patch presets.

Price: €30.

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Discussion: Active


30 January 2014 at 5:05pmmusiconacento

I regret to say that I have remove beatasist software from my computer.

Problems with BIG RED in front adds and unwanted proposals in my browsers ((Clean your computyer, great new software, CLICK here! etec)

It's the second time. Before I have eliminated various programs because I am not sure who is guilty but now only removing beatasist the cleanup have worked.

30 January 2014 at 5:21pmalienoiz


1 - my software is coded with SynthEdit.

2 - ONLY if someone messed around with my software, like an hacker, could make SynthEdit to make this.

3 - SynthEdit way of coding does not allows deep interactions in c++.

4 - Noone has complained yet on more than 3500 visitors.

5 - Im positive that my software is clean, I USE IT.


30 January 2014 at 5:36pmalienoiz

I downloaded right now all the products from my website http://www.beatassist.eu and all products worked fine with no problems. I challenge all users of KVR to try this. If for all of my software tested without any problem of the type you said they gave me 1 cent i would now have enough money to get a superior education course of audio engeneering.

- musiconacento ... please recheck your system not my software wich is completely clean.

30 January 2014 at 7:53pmmusiconacento

I go retry and if works without problems promise I apologice here. But I promise you I have experimented this at two releases. First time I have uninstall several programs. Two or three monts ago: At this time I have BumBer. This second time I have only uninstall soft from beatasist and the problem dispear.

Is possible an download service you partner...? I am not computer expert but I am sure you make not this by the way. For thisI have also yesterday send you a message at your page.

30 January 2014 at 8:16pmalienoiz

My partners do not interfer in the software programming or in packing the software. They are just companies that distribute the software comming directly from me and my website.

I could not understand much about your e-mail. What i did understood, was that, you had a problem with your browser, to apologise your english and that i did not needed to reply.

For this reason, and thiking this is a problem with your machine or browser, and maybe a fraudulent scheme, i ignored it, not replying in time. When i went to reply i saw i already had deleted it.

Re-check your system if you will, and download only beatassist.eu software from http://www.beatassist.eu or from any of my partners.

Thank you.

Duarte Vinagre (beatassist.eu)

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