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Bitwig Studio updated to v1.0.13

Bitwig Studio has been updated to v1.0.13.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.13:

  • IMPROVED Various improvements in Arturia KeyLab scripts.
  • IMPROVED Minor style tweak in controller API documentation.
  • FIXED Crash when dragging a drum pad to another drum pad.
  • FIXED Regression: automation recording inserts additional points with default value or does not work in some cases.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.12:

  • IMPROVED JavaScript stub generator for Controller API needs latest updates from TeotiGraphix repository.
  • FIXED Copying or duplicating a plugin device with automation in a clip does not duplicate the automation for parameters in the plugin device.
  • FIXED Moving a nested device chain could cause weird problems/crashes if the chain's mixer had automation for some of it's parameters (e.g. volume or pan).
  • FIXED Dragging a nested device chain (with automation to a mixer parameter for the chain) to a new track would leave the document in a broken state and cause crash on save.
  • FIXED Note editor piano keyboard doesn't audition keys until a note is added to the clip.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.12 RC1:

  • IMPROVED MIDI output on OS X sends always 3 bytes data, but should send only one byte in case of realtime data and two bytes in case of channel pressure and program change.
  • IMPROVED Added JavaScript stubs for syntax-completion of the controller API within your IDE when developing scripts. Thanks to Michael Schmalle (Teotigraphix) for contributing the code for generating it, and thanks to Trappar for initial inspiration of Michael's project by providing hand-written API stubs.
  • FIXED Crashes when adding/removing removable media and performance lock-ups on windows.
  • FIXED Loud audio blowouts using the E-kick device with certain parameter settings.
  • FIXED Regression: changing shuffle time needs audio engine restart to take effect in 1.0.11.
  • FIXED MIDI clock sync does not work on Linux.
  • FIXED Hidden directories are not scanned for VSTs, even when specifically added as location.
  • FIXED Package manager list of packages could sometimes look broken when switching back and forth between the online and DVD packs.
  • FIXED Crash if search indexes somehow get corrupted or truncated.
  • FIXED Slicing an audio clip unwarped on the arranger to a drum or multi sampler would create incorrect slice playback clip in the drum track if the clip being sliced did not start at time 0.
  • FIXED Slice to drum machine does not create slice for the last onset.
  • FIXED External Instrument: change of MIDI channel requires audio engine restart to take effect.
  • FIXED Korg NanoKontrol2 script has a problem with switching devices.
  • FIXED Dragging a clip launcher note selection to a new clip does not work any more.
  • FIXED Resizing start of reversed raw audio event affects event end time in some cases.
  • FIXED Adaptive timeline grid mode should be disabled when the user changes grid subdivisions.
  • FIXED Device Macros: when set to bipolar and automated, curve editing is broken after project reload.
  • FIXED Zooming and adjusting timeline grid settings using keyboard shortcuts does not work on certain keyboards.
  • FIXED Note editor piano keyboard plays notes on wrong track after moving clip to another track while keeping clip selection unchanged.
  • FIXED Piano roll keys in layered editing play wrong track.
  • FIXED Doubling content of selected arranger clip also unselects it, thus makes the note editor lose it.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.11:

  • NEW Support for Arturia KeyLab controllers.
  • IMPROVED Added NoteInput.sendRawMidiEvent method to controller API.
  • FIXED Control-mapping indication get stuck on the devices for some scripts.
  • FIXED Rare crash when trying to activate the engine for a document that is being closed.
  • FIXED Rare crash when deleting a launcher clip.
  • FIXED Hot plugging and removing discs did not correctly update in the file browser tab.
  • FIXED Bouncing a multi-selection of clips would sometimes hang the engine.
  • FIXED Undo stops working when using the knife tool in an automation lane.
  • FIXED Undo not available in certain conditions.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.11 RC1:

  • NEW Added support for UDP (User Datagram Protocol) to the controller API.
  • IMPROVED Allow sorting of devices in the device browser based either on vendor or location.
  • IMPROVED On Mac OS X updating a plugin would not cause the cached information for a plugin to be invalidated so the old information would be used.
  • IMPROVED Improved Export Audio dialog.
  • FIXED Certain wav files couldn't be loaded.
  • FIXED Crash when browsing a file that has Unicode surrogate pairs in its name.
  • FIXED Very rare crash when browsing some plugins.
  • FIXED Crash due to somehow being able to drag an empty selection of device layers.
  • FIXED Crash when selecting a controller note input for a hybrid track and then selecting an audio note input and then undoing.
  • FIXED Crash on startup if vst-metadata file is corrupted.
  • FIXED Opening the package manager always causes a rescan of repositories and forgets about the currently installing packs.
  • FIXED Cancelling the save dialog for a modified document when quitting means it is no longer possible to quit the application.
  • FIXED Opening the user guide on non-Ubuntu Linux may cause the application to hang until the user guide is closed.
  • FIXED Not possible to change order of tracks after loading project with hidden effect tracks.
  • FIXED Disarming a track while a clip is recording in clip launcher does not stop the clip from recording.
  • FIXED Occasional errors when saving plugin states that should not be errors.
  • FIXED Launchpad does not update lights when switching modes on Linux.
  • FIXED Occasional crash when dragging over an automation lane in the arranger clip launcher.
  • FIXED Various rare and random crashes when displaying the GUI.
  • FIXED Crash when dragging a layer device with layers from a main track onto an effect track.
  • FIXED Crash when occasionally dragging clips between tracks on the arranger with the single track insert modifier pressed.
  • FIXED Rare crash when working with rectangular selection.
  • FIXED Very rare crash when using the knife tool in note or automation editor.
  • FIXED Crash when adjusting curvature of expression events.
  • FIXED Regression: crash when setting note start to selected warp marker.
  • FIXED Crash when stretching start of audio event after order of beat markers got incorrect somehow.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.10:

  • FIXED Crash when using CNTRLR script that was using a hidden controller API method.
  • FIXED Crash sometimes when showing a plugin loading error message.
  • FIXED Crash when showing context menu in file browser for a folder when there are no bookmarks.
  • FIXED Regression: 1.0.9 would complain about insufficient disk space when installing packs on a fresh system.
  • FIXED When scrolling a device chain with many devices the devices towards the end of the chain would not show their name.
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