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Bitwig Studio updated to v1.0.8

Bitwig Studio has been updated to v1.0.8.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.8:

  • FIXED Modulated value pie was not shown correctly for some values.
  • FIXED Changing the length of multiple selected notes spread over multiple clips in track note editor behaves erratic.
  • FIXED Visual glitch in preview when drawing expression events over multiple audio events using pencil tool.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.8 RC3:

  • IMPROVED Added symmetry control to distortion device which controls the mix of even/odd harmonics.
  • IMPROVED Added Slope control for the decay of the E-Hat device.
  • IMPROVED Better solo behavior for return tracks.
  • IMPROVED Note pencil tool should disconnect mouse cursor during dragging to avoid limitations of movement.
  • IMPROVED Can't drop MIDI file on existing track.
  • IMPROVED Use pixel threshold for adjusting note length and velocity using pencil tool.
  • IMPROVED Individual note-length memory per track.
  • IMPROVED Changed default install location for windows installer not to include the version number, which was causing shortcuts to the executable to stop working after upgrading.
  • IMPROVED Allow release-candidate builds to be installed in without uninstalling the normal builds on windows.
  • IMPROVED EQ2/5 display now show modulation.
  • FIXED External instrument didn't send MIDI CC to the selected channel.
  • FIXED Sampler playback was missing the first 7 samples of the attack.
  • FIXED MIDI drag&drop from microtonic didn't work on windows.
  • FIXED Wrong default value for Step MOD (32/1).
  • FIXED metadata with sub-paths (shell plugs-ins/soundfont patches) no longer work.
  • FIXED When adjusting note velocity, only audition changes when auditioning is actually enabled.
  • FIXED Hanging note when auditioned track changes while a key on the piano roll keyboard is pressed.
  • FIXED Quantize regression: quantizing a chord kills all but one note.
  • FIXED Crash when moving track with clips into FX section and then moving it out again.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.8 RC2:

  • FIXED Crash on startup of fresh install.
  • FIXED Random crashes when using library.
  • FIXED Recover the latest state of a plugin when recovering documents.
  • FIXED Crash when exporting empty arrangement as MIDI file.
  • FIXED There's no way to remove a bookmark from the browser.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.8 RC1:

  • NEW Automatically backup the state of plugins every minute when the engine is not playing.
  • NEW MIDI file export.
  • IMPROVED Importing type-0 MIDI files should split events into different tracks based on MIDI channels.
  • IMPROVED Importing MIDI file should consider track name metadata.
  • IMPROVED Importing MIDI file should consider tempo meta events.
  • IMPROVED Allow to adjust note length and velocity when inserting notes via double click and drag.
  • IMPROVED Allow velocity adjustment when drawing notes using pencil tool by dragging vertically.
  • IMPROVED Audition notes when clicking on them (if enabled).
  • IMPROVED Avoid note start jumping when using note pencil tool.
  • IMPROVED Remember last note length when using pencil tool for notes.
  • IMPROVED Improved efficiency of monitoring library locations when new files are copied or deleted from library locations.
  • IMPROVED Audition notes (if enabled) when adjusting note velocity.
  • IMPROVED Change the minimum LFO rate in various devices to 0.01Hz and minimum synced rate to 32/1.
  • IMPROVED Better VST keyboard handling on windows.
  • IMPROVED Normal sustain pedal behavior.
  • FIXED device controller mappings didn't reload correctly after saving them.
  • FIXED Split at onset wasn't limited to the range of the selected event (s).
  • FIXED PDC for meters & automation limited to 32768 samples.
  • FIXED Graphical glitch in note expressions.
  • FIXED Crash when reversing very long files.
  • FIXED Saving a clip with a device containing a layer device in a slot would crash.
  • FIXED Bouncing sometimes missed notes if it was started at the exact same location as the transport last stopped.
  • FIXED Novation Launchpad does not work on Linux.
  • FIXED Crash when saving plugin state for a plugin that is no longer in the document.
  • FIXED Removing a directory under a library location that started with the same name as another directory alongside it would remove indexed information for the other directory too.
  • FIXED Dragging note or audio event start can result in overlapping notes.
  • FIXED Changing velocity in piano roll editor via Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Drag should also work when the target note is not selected yet.
  • FIXED Stretching audio events might result in overlapping events.
  • FIXED Crash when splitting at onsets, then quantising to wider grid than event lengths, then dragging event start.
  • FIXED Rare crash when double-clicking on clip in clip-launcher to show its contents.
  • FIXED Note velocity cannot be changed by dragging not with modifier if note is not selected.
  • FIXED Random crash when tooltip hides on Mac OS X.
  • FIXED Crash when moving clip from effect to non-empty master track.
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