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Cakewalk releases SONAR X1d update

Cakewalk has updated all versions of SONAR X1 to version X1d. This update can only be installed on top of SONAR X1 Expanded (build 425) or SONAR X1c Producer/Studio/Essential (build 319). If you haven't already upgraded to SONAR X1, learn more here.

New Features and Improvements to SONAR

Grouping improvements:

  • The Group > New and Group > Save commands have been consolidated into a single Group > New command.
  • Quick Group support for:
    • Sends:
      • You can now Create, Delete, Reassign sends in Console view with Quick Groups.
      • Up, down scrolling in Send clusters in the Console view.
    • ProChannel:
      • Loading a ProChannel Preset now works with Quick Groups.
      • Insert, Remove, Replace ProChannel modules (SONAR X1 Producer Expanded only).
      • Modify ProChannel module parameters (SONAR X1 Producer Expanded only).
      • To minimize/restore all ProChannel modules in a single track, hold down the ALT key and click the Collapse button in any module.
      • Minimize ProChannel module across all selected tracks via CTRL + ALT + Collapse (SONAR X1 Producer Expanded only).
      • Bypass ProChannel (SONAR X1 Producer Expanded only).
      • Scrolling in ProChannel with mouse wheel (SONAR X1 Producer Expanded only).
      • Pre/Post toggle in ProChannel.
      • Copy Track EQ by CTRL + dragging an EQ plot in Console view (small plot only).

Key binding enhancements:

  • New Search function for Key Bindings in Preferences menu.
  • Preferences menu can be opened with P without a project open.
  • Rewind key cluster (W):
    • CTRL + W now toggles "On Stop, rewind to now marker" option.
  • Inspector key cluster (I):
    • CTRL + I now opens ProChannel in Inspector.
    • SHIFT + I opens Clip Inspector.
    • CTRL + SHIFT + I opens Track Inspector.
  • New keybindable commands:
    • Open ProChannel on active track in Console View.
    • Metronome ON/OFF, Record and Playback.
    • Snap to measure.

QuadCurve EQ (Expanded only):

  • New mode:
    • The "Hybrid" mode is a non-symmetric, versatile mode with a gentle boost and surgical cut.
  • Existing Gloss EQ modes have been renamed to better describe their function:
    • Pure is still referred to as "Pure".
    • Vintage is now referred to as "E-Type".
    • Modern is now referred to as "G-Type".
      • NOTE: A more in depth explanation of the modes is available in the ProChannel documentation (Press F1 when the QuadCurve EQ has focus).
  • UI improvements:
    • Improved graph with labels directly on the graph.
    • Color-coded bands.
    • Parameter values are now embedded in the UI and can be directly edited for each control.
    • You can now drag & drop the ProChannel EQ from one track to the next by CTRL + dragging on the mini EQ.

Rewire 64:

  • SONAR 64 bit now works with 64 bit Rewire applications natively.

FX Chain 2.0 enhancements (Expanded only):

  • New "Mod matrix":
    • Assign up to four parameters to one knob/button.
    • Set ranges for controls.
    • Ability to invert direction.
  • New "Touch Learn" functionality:
    • Touch the desired parameter(s) and they are instantly assigned to a knob or button.
  • Range control is now graphical:
    • Simplified method for setting ranges for each destination in the matrix.

PX-64 Percussion Strip version 1.0.2 and VX-64 Vocal Strip version 1.0.3:

  • Fixes customer reported issues in both plug-ins.
  • GUI and functionality has been improved.

Usability Improvements:

  • Metronome:
    • Support for beat subdivisions.
    • Convenient access to property page from Control Bar.
    • Various bug and stability fixes.
  • Selected Track Inputs/Outputs can now be assigned in the Track View by going to:
    • Tracks > Select Track Input Series
    • Tracks > Selected Track Inputs
    • Tracks > Selected Track Outputs
  • Tracks can now be re-arranged/moved by clicking and dragging their blank space.
  • Easier to read text in Media Browser.
  • Classic widget grouping improved with consolidated commands.
  • Over 25 UI improvements, including:
    • Cursor inconsistency fixes.
    • Selection color is now consistent between CV and TV.
    • Active control indicators cleanup.
    • Folder tracks indented.
    • CV flicker with ProChannel.
    • TV/CV widget text alignment.
    • Moving FX in bins feedback.
    • TV scale drawing issues.
    • Cleanup empty folders when removing synth.
    • Font smoothing for widget tooltips.
    • FX bin drawing in Inspector issues.
    • Tooltip inconsistencies.
    • TV grid drawing issues.
    • Delete track/bus CV/TV menu items inconsistencies.
    • Surround bus send section drawing in CV.
    • Inspector collapse widget drawing.

New Features and Improvements for VS-700 & SONAR X1d integration

VS-700 Control Surface Plug-in has been updated to version 1.4.0.

Support for ProChannel (Producer and Expanded only):

  • Entering EQ Mode now focuses the top-most module in the current track or bus ProChannel.
  • Subsequent EQ button pushes cycle through modules, in order. Additionally, CMD + Page buttons now move forward and backward through the list of inserted modules.
  • All current modules are already pre-mapped to the Channel Strip Control section. Current and future modules can also be learned via ACT Learn mode.
  • NOTE: ProChannel Track Compressor module can no longer be switched between 76/4k modes from the VS-700C. You must now right click the module and choose "Replace" (Expanded) or click the Type switch (Producer).

FX Chain 2.0 Support (Expanded Only):

  • FX Chains are now ACT learn-able.
  • The default automatic mappings now follow this convention:
    • Chain input: rotary 1.
    • Chain output: rotary 2.
    • Knobs: First 6 available rotaries.
    • Buttons: First 6 available buttons.

New Commands:

  • CMD + Track: Insert Bus
    • CTRL + Track still inserts a new track.
  • CMD + Send: Open Insert Send Assistant
    • Use the jog cursors to select an existing bus from the combo box.
  • CMD + Delete: Delete Track
    • Undo-able from the console.
  • CMD + Assign: Open Global Meter Options (Edit > Preferences > Customization - Audio Meter).
  • You can now set track inputs to "None" from the console.

Track Selection Sync:

  • Changing current track in SONAR now updates the console's selected track. So this now works both ways. In other words:
    • Selecting a track in SONAR will result in the Console SEL updating (New behavior).
    • Pressing SEL on the Console will result in a track in SONAR becoming selected.

Bus Selection:

  • You can now select buses from the console.
  • Most recently active track/bus is recalled when switching between Track/Bus control on the surface.

Instrument Track Enhancements:

  • Meters are now shown on the console for Instrument Tracks.
  • You can now insert audio FX on Instrument Tracks from the console.

Performance and Stability Fixes

All fixes from the X1c QuickFix and SONAR X1 Expanded QuickFix are rolled into the SONAR X1d update. Documented list of these fixes can be found by clicking here.

Audio engine:

  • Resolved an issue which would give the "Audio Driver Error" message when using multiple devices and the WDM/KS driver.
  • Resolved an issue when loop recording where samples would be lost at the end of clips if using ASIO driver mode.
  • Resolved a crash of Alesis iO2 when scanned under WASAPI driver mode.
  • Resolved a rare case where toggling Solo During Playback with Mono Outputs sometimes caused Solo state to glitch.
  • "There are no audio devices for the current driver..." warning dialog for missing ASIO drivers no longer closes automatically on start-up.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the transport from stopping when setting "Fade on Start" and "Fade on Stop" to a value greater than 0 and having the Playback Timing Master set to "none".
  • Resolved an issue where bouncing clips with the Control Bar visible would take longer than expected.


  • MIDI > Show Velocity in the Track View no longer requires manual repaint to appear.
  • Fix for PRV-specific snap using Global Snap settings in certain cases.
  • Parameter values now displaying correctly in tooltips for MIDI track envelopes.
  • Snap now works in the Staff View without the limitation of quarter note resolution. It now follows Global Snap Settings.
  • Note data on Instrument Tracks can now be pasted properly when in the PRV.
  • Notes can now be deselected in the PRV by lassoing them while holding CTRL
  • Fixed ruler getting out of sync when opening project after PRV scroll.
  • PRV Grid Resolution persists when toggling Snap on/off.


  • All Notes Off messages sent to VSTis on Stop is now handled for VSTis that don't fully implement MIDI specification (helps with stuck notes).
  • Resolved an issue with hanging notes while muting MIDI tracks.
  • Resolved an issue where the Edit Filter would not register recorded envelopes for certain instruments.
  • Fix crash triggered by closing UAD-2 SSL Channel Strip.
  • Shift + E now correctly toggles PDC override.
  • Waves WLM plug-in now responsive to SONAR's Transport.
  • Resolved an issue where running the VST Scanner with "Re-scan Existing Plug-ins" selected would erase custom settings made to Plug-in Properties.


  • Solo Override has corrected hover state in CV and TI.
  • Resolved an issue where Dragging Folder Clips would draw the clip preview in a the wrong place.
  • Fixed Console View jumping to Active Track after horizontally scrolling and clicking on bus.
  • Setting Track Meters to Peak RMS now persists properly when closing and opening a project.
  • Send knobs in Track Inspector now draw correctly when Clip tab is open.
  • Resolved an issue where the Start/Stop Preview button in the Media Browser would not switch back to a "Start" icon at the end of the loop preview duration.

FX Chains

  • Resolved an issue where Right-click to add Audio FX in FX Chains wouldn't insert a plug-in.
  • The Edit Filter now organizes Plug-ins inserted into an FX Chain with Submenus under Edit Filter > Automation > FX Chain
  • Resolved an issue where FX Chain parameters could be write enabled on Clip FX.
  • FX Chains with duplicate names now handle duplicate FXs correctly.

ProChannel (Producer and Expanded only):

  • ProChannel Compressor toggle could cause the ProChannel to become bypassed.
  • Fixed intermittent change to playback speed changes when modifying ProChannel module order.
  • Fixed audio handling in certain ProChannel Presets with Gate, Saturation, and S-Type compressor.
  • Fixed ProChannel crash when selecting a preset from the console view when strip is closed.
  • Fixed Limiter module automation response when cloning a track.
  • CTRL + Click does not cause EQ plot to grab mouse now in Track strips.
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent the ability to disable the Saturation Knob, PC4K Gate, or PC4K Comp if saved in a Track Template.
  • Saturation Knob can now be properly disabled when saved in "Set Modules as Defaults for Tracks".
  • Resolved an issue where ProChannel Tooltips would appear on secondary display when primary display was on the right.
  • Resolved a Saturation Knob crash for older processors that do not contain SSE2 instruction sets.
  • Resolved an issue where the PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor would display incorrect automation parameters in the Edit Filter.
  • Resolved an issue preventing users from Removing/Replacing ProChannel modules if they had 8.3 short file names disabled on their computer.


  • Resolved a crash that could be triggered by changing sample rates of buffer sizes settings using proprietary ASIO panels external from SONAR while SONAR was still running.
  • Fixed occasional hang when manipulating automation envelopes during playback.
  • Fixed rare crash with moving and switching clips with the Clip Inspector open.
  • Fixed a rare crash when inserting a plug-in and simultaneously opening the Synth Rack for the first time.
  • Fixed a crash when opening certain projects containing plug-ins on Surround Bus.
  • Fixed a crash when loading SONAR X1 Expanded ProChannel presets in SONAR X1 Producer.
  • Fixed occasional crash when inserting ProChannel presets with modules not included.
  • Resolved a crash related to undoing the insertion of certain Dimension Pro Synth Templates.
  • Fix Step Sequencer crash on French OS when using "Fill Every" command twice.
  • Fixed crash in Step Sequencer when deleting row containing controller information.
  • Resolved an issue where the Now Time would stop scrolling when using the "Project > Set Timecode at Now" command under certain conditions.
  • Resolved a crash when switching screensets related to having "IncludeSnapinScreenset=1" set to allow different snap settings per screenset.
  • Various stability & performance improvements based on fault reporter feedback.


  • Resolved an issue where ProChannel values were not auto-refreshed on the LCD when switching tracks from surface.
  • Resolved an issue where the Channel strip control on VS-700 would not affect the selected track as intended.
  • COMMAND + EQ on the surface now properly cycles through ProChannel modules in SONAR X1 Producer Expanded.


  • Resolved an issue where CTRL + TAB to switch between multiple projects would not cycle through project order consistently.
  • Focused Floating Control Bar routes key strokes correctly.
  • CTRL + F4 now correctly closes currently focused, floating window.
  • "Run/stop the Audio Engine" (used to be Transport > Run Audio) is now available as a Key Binding.
  • Double-Clicking an EQ Plot in Studio or Essential if EQ isn't enabled no longer gives an error.
  • Can now deselect a Loop for Preview in a Multi-Loop Selection in the Media Browser while holding CTRL.
  • SHIFT + Click and CTRL + Click with Smart Tool and Move Tool in the Track view is now consistent when selecting & deselecting clips.
  • Mute Tool colors corrected when muting multiple notes in the PRV.
  • Delete synth menu item now shows Delete synth dialog.
  • Resolved an issue where the PRV would grab the "I" keybinding, prevent the Inspector from being expanded/collapsed.
  • Resolved an issue where the Browser would not display the correct tab's contents when opening projects from older versions of SONAR.
  • Resolved an issue where the Browser would not retain the last selected plug-in layout correctly.
  • Improved consistency when using CTRL and/or SHIFT select Quick Groups for Tracks or Buses in the Console View.
  • Resolved an issue where double-clicking a grouped parameter while holding CTRL would affect all grouped controls instead of respecting the CTRL override command.
  • Folder locations on German OS are no longer mismatched.
  • Improvements made to overall consistency when editing Transient Markers.
  • Minor documentation updates to reflect changes to features in SONAR X1.
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