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CDXtract releases Samplit v1.3

CDXtract has announced the release of version 1.3 of Samplit.

Changes in v1.3:

  • New format supported: Export directly to Digidesign Structure.
  • The Auto-Loops feature is now accessible from the main window.
  • Manual mode for recording real instruments. After each recording, Samplit will ask you if you want to keep the sample or delete it and re-record it.
  • New user-friendly, tabbed Project Settings interface makes defining all your parameters easier than ever.

Changes in v1.2:

  • Runs natively on Mac OS X (Power PC and Intel) and Windows XP & Vista.
  • Seamlessly exchange projects between the Mac and PC.
  • Samplit exports to 9 different sampler formats natively (no need to do further conversions).
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • High Quality audio: Samplit uses the ASIO driver on PC and the CoreAudio driver on MAC, offering sampling rates up to 192kHz and resolutions up to 24 bits.
  • Advanced Looping: Samplit supports manual looping of course, but also offers a unique automated looping feature to assists you in choosing the start and stop points, as well as cross-fade effects, while preserving the musicality of your sounds.
    • Auto-Loop: Samplit can automatically loop your samples using three different looping algorithms:
      • Short: For simple sustained sounds or percussive sounds (like a piano)
      • Long: For complex sustained sounds (like a string pad). This algorithm has been designed to preserve the musicality of your sounds
      • Music: Virtually for any other kind of sounds that do not fit in one of the 2 previous categories. Works really well with drum loops.
    • Modes: Samplit supports three loop modes: Forward, Forward + Release, Alternate
      • The alternate mode works with Samplers that do not support alternate loops. In that case, Samplit will deploy the alternate loop and convert it to a Forward only loop.
    • Crossfade: An optional loop crossfade parameters allows you to smooth the transition between the loop points. The crossfade will be rendered when you export your project to your favorite Sampler format.
    • Loop Editor: All the Auto-loop parameters can be adjusted in the Auto-Loop section or directly on the sample display. You can adjust the settings to suit your needs and then apply the same settings to all the other samples. You can also edit the loop markers value or click and drag them to change their value. Each marker includes a zoom to see the region around.
  • Integrated player: Samplit includes a player, which allows you to test your recordings and adjust parameters such as VCA attack and release, compression and normalization before exporting to your favorite sampler format. The player is also useful to test a new instrument before you have finished recording all the samples.
  • Instrument design: Samplit can record several instruments and combine them with Key switch, Control switch and crossfade. For example you can record 5 different piano sounds from your midi keyboard, combine them in one new Halion instrument and use the modwheel to switch from one piano sound to another.


  • Samplit Version 1.3 Single-Format* $119.
  • Samplit Version 1.3 Multi-Format $199 (9 export formats included).

* Single-Format version has all the same features of the Multi-Format version, but comes with one export format (your choice).



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