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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.20

Cockos has updated REAPER to version 4.20, which brings substantial new functionality to the 4.x series.

Changes in Version 4.20:

  • OSC:
    • control surface support.
    • default REAPER-specific controller specification, plus user-configurable pattern mapping.
    • optional support for binding OSC messages to REAPER actions and FX learn.
    • please see the REAPER OSC reference for more information.
  • Localization:
    • localization support (see the REAPER langpack reference for more information).
    • configuration (prefs/general) for language pack selection, optional prompt on startup.
  • MIDI buses:
    • now supporting up to 16 buses per track (main bus and 15 auxiliary buses).
    • track send panels allow choosing source, destination buses.
    • bus support for VST/AU/ReWire, JS (to use in JS, set ext_midi_bus=1 in @init, then midi_bus is used for bus indices).
  • API:
    • many new functions for FX presets, open/close UI, bypass, sends/receives, tempo.
    • many new functions for control surface support, scroll/zoom, track visibility, mixer scrolling.
    • access media item text notes via GetSetMediaItemInfo().
    • register OSC clients for 2-way communication.
    • GetSetObjectState() locking improvements for less audio interruption.
  • Freeze:
    • better subsample alignment of frozen items.
    • by default only the media items plus FX tail length setting are rendered, with options for other behavior.
    • fixed possible undo corruption of freeze states after reordering tracks.
    • fixed warning when unfreezing after editing frozen track.
    • freezing tracks clears track polarity, unfreezing restores.
  • OS X:
    • fixed focus-related issues when setting default text selections.
    • fullscreen mode auto-hides menu, hides dock on 10.6+ (pref to auto-hide dock in prefs/general/advanced).
    • possible stability improvements in certain instances (IsWindow() improvements).
    • compatibility fixes for Mountain Lion beta.
    • show error and keep device closed when unable to open a CoreAudio device.
  • Glue:
    • avoid leaving tiny shards of items in certain instances.
    • use audio device blocksize for better compatibility with take FX.
  • Item properties:
    • option to apply changes after 2 seconds of inactivity.
    • fixed normalization outside of fader range via normalize button.
  • JS:
    • fixed possible crashes on preset load with pin mappings set.
    • fixed preset saving for JSFX that use @serialize.
  • Media explorer:
    • preliminary media database support (right click in shortcut list to create/manage databases).
    • native view remembers column widths.
    • support for binding MIDI/OSC to media explorer actions.
  • MIDI editor:
    • fixed actions to move notes one semitone when hiding note rows and snapping to scale.
    • fixed swing grid when using odd time signatures.
  • MIDI file import:
    • fixed bug when importing tempo maps with frequent tempo changes.
    • properly handle snapping odd-numbered 8th-note time signatures.
  • Pitch shifters:
    • reduced excessive flushing/improved performance on certain items.
    • workaround for Elastique quality bug when using very short items.
  • ReaScript:
    • added function to send a simple OSC message to REAPER.
    • increased maximum returned string length to 4MB.
    • special Python handling for GetAudioAccessorSamples (support examining audio samples directly).
  • ReaTune:
    • fixed overlap for offline analysis, other improvements.
    • removed buffer mode configuration; PDC is always used when correction enabled, not used otherwise.
    • when in analysis-only mode (tuner), offload processing to GUI thread for better performance.
  • Record input menu:
    • support for assigning inputs for all selected tracks.
    • support for assigning sequential inputs for selected tracks.
  • Region manager:
    • avoid autoseek when selecting multiple items, clicking color/render columns.
    • selecting a marker/region scrolls it into view, if option enabled.
  • VST:
    • bridging now supports SysEx to/from plug-ins.
    • fixed support for plug-ins with more than 64 inputs or outputs (Halion4).
    • added new theme images master_mcp_io and master_tcp_io for master track.
    • added trans.sel.color, trans.curtimesig.color, made trans.rate.color affect both rate label and rate text.
    • fixed some overlay redraw issues.
  • Actions: support full continuous controller range for actions to set track FX parameters.
  • APE: no longer including APE support in REAPER, separate download will be available for Win32/Win64.
  • AU: support for generator AUs (such as AUNetReceive).
  • Custom action editor: faster list updating when filtering.
  • Dynamic split: prevent creating MIDI notes with velocity more than 127.
  • FLAC: fixed seeking after error on FLAC files, fixes problems where FLAC drops out in certain instances.
  • Freeze/Render: better behavior when rendering multiple files.
  • Input FX: fixed glitches when looping.
  • Item fades: right-click to change fade shape applies to all selected/grouped items by default.
  • List views: show arrow in header to indicate sort column and direction.
  • Live FX multiprocessing: slight performance improvements when using large track counts.
  • Master track: save custom master track color with project.
  • Media items: improved consistency of fade and item edge timing.
  • Memory warnings: better default values (32 bit on Win64/OS X have higher defaults).
  • Mouse modifiers: fixed autoseek on click when left-drag customized to marquee select.
  • Performance meter: optimizations.
  • Preferences: fixed changing default project template.
  • Project load: can be aborted on memory warning or missing media.
  • Reasamplomatic: improved support for UTF-8 filenames.
  • Render dialog: improved focus setting on open.
  • Screensets: fixed changing of autosave flags.
  • Slip editing: improved sample-snap behavior.
  • Take FX: take FX output is constrained to item+tail (for using tone generators, etc).
  • TCP/mixer: better autoscroll behavior.
  • Toolbars: fixed actions to open floating toolbars 5-8 at mouse cursor.
  • Track manager: right click in record arm column allows changing record settings.
  • Track paste: do not offset by edit cursor when offset option for track template import is set.
  • Track selection: do not select hidden tracks when shift+click selecting a range of tracks.
  • Track/region manager: fixed color display bug.
  • Undo: improved updating of various views when loading undo states via history.
  • VST/AU: ensure that full FX state is saved with projects/templates.
  • WAV writing: support for embedding cues from project markers, regions, or both.
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