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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.33

Cockos has updated REAPER to version 4.33.


  • Video:
    • Added WEBM encoding/decoding, made default for encoding.
    • Added render option to keep the source aspect ratio.
    • Fix for incorrect framerate detection when using VLC decoding.
    • Fixed RGB colorspace when using VLC decoding on OS X.
    • Fixed YV12 colorspace encoding issue on OS X.
    • Fixed incorrect video colors on OS X with MJPEG codecs using VLC decoder.
    • Updated FFmpeg to latest available version (1.1.3).
    • added latest LibAV (0.9.x) support.
    • faster loading of videos/images.
    • improved QuickTime audio decoding.
    • improved image item support, pooled full-size images to limit RAM use, cached thumbnails.
  • OS X:
    • Improved cursor behavior when mouseover on nonfocused windows.
    • fix for possible crashes at shutdown.
    • fixed ReaControlMIDI insertion action.
    • fixed joystick support on i386.
    • fixed main menu langpack support.
    • fixed possible crash relating to accessibility and floating toolbars.
    • improved behavior when drag and dropping large numbers of files from finder.
    • improved peaks reading performance (fixed mmap file reads).
  • Project bay:
    • added actions to insert or remove selected project bay items from project.
    • context menu action to insert media/FX into project.
    • support replacing source media with media of a different type (replace wav with mp3, etc).
    • improved behavior when removing folders.
    • improved undo for numerous FX related actions.
    • fixed memory leak when using external bays.
    • fixed display of comment field when unretaining media.
    • reduced RAM use when loading bay state.
  • JS:
    • Updated IX/MIDI_Tool II.
    • fixed platform-specific rounding issues, improved code generation on some platforms.
    • fixed some EOF issues when reading malformed text files.
    • improved detection of whether triggers are used by a given JS.
    • improved undo behavior on OS X.
  • API:
    • added CountActionShortcuts, GetActionShortcutDesc, DeleteActionShortcut, DoActionShortcutDialo, SectionFromUniqueID, GetToggleCommandState2.
    • added stub for old DuplicateMenu API, fixes csurf_automap support.
  • Batch converter:
    • fixed rendering past end of source in media items.
    • setting for FX tail size when applying FX.
    • support for rendering media items that have take-fx, including tail.
  • Control surfaces:
    • improved AlphaTrack/FaderPort following track selection via context menu clicks etc.
    • improved support for jog wheels on MCU/01x.
  • DDP:
    • fix for CD-TEXT writing errors.
    • fixed extra spaces being inserted into md5 file.
  • Freeze:
    • basic support for position change in frozen items propagating back to frozen state.
    • save with media move/copy includes frozen media too.
  • FX:
    • build output routing reduces large lists of created tracks.
    • saving/renaming preset UI improved, show existing preset names and prompt to overwrite.
  • IO window:
    • properly update send volume strings on mousewheel fader adjustment.
    • sanity check pan/width values.
  • MIDI:
    • fixed excess noteons/noteoffs when starting overdub/replace recording to new item.
    • improved overdub/replace recording item creation behavior with loop and preroll.
    • fixed overdub/replace recording issues (full size loop option, time selection autopunch).
  • OSC:
    • fixed FX parameter feedback for some ReaPlugs.
    • fixed certain OSC action binding issues.
  • ReaNINJAM:
    • OS X chat scroll fix.
    • prevent writing corrupt clipsort.log when others use quotes in names.
    • fixed possible crash.
  • ReaSurround:
    • fixed cleared input channel names when increasing channel count.
    • fixed state loading on PPC.
  • Recording:
    • preserve PDC monitoring mode adjusts media start offset rather than item position.
    • tape replace-mode using overdub/replace MIDI modes now properly matches input recording behavior.
    • fixed user font 5-8 support.
    • trans.BPM.tap.margin now can properly specify alignment.
  • Windows:
    • fixed duplicate jump list addition on saving project with subdirection creation.
    • opening projects now adds them to Windows recent/jump lists.
  • Actions: insert click source/SMPTE generators makes items without fades.
  • Actions window: fixed copy command ID to clipboard.
  • AU: load factory default preset resets pin mapping to defaults.
  • Dynamic split: correctly detect take start offset/playrate changes.
  • Editing behavior: default ctrl+C/ctrl+X behaviors now ignore time selection, use shift+ctrl+C/shift+ctrl+X to copy or cut respecting time selection.
  • EDL: fixed pan reversal in .edl files.
  • Envelope editing: alt-click to remove point no longer passes through alt-click to other mouse contexts.
  • File import: improved multiple file prompting.
  • Item snap offset: better behavior when in beats/position only mode.
  • Joysticks: improved rounding consistency in scripts across platforms.
  • Media Explorer: inserting multiple items aligns them at the same time.
  • Media import: when dragging media onto an existing media item, prompt to create a new media item or replace existing source media.
  • Multiprocessing: improved anticipative FX with sends to tracks that use PDC.
  • ReaComp: fixed RMS/autorelease behavior when automated.
  • Region manager: updating region indices behaves more like region editor.
  • Render: added action to render using most recent render settings, but a new target file name.
  • ReWire: enabled ReWire options in preferences for 64-bit.
  • Screensets: fixed saving screenset names with spaces in project.
  • Sends: fixed issues with removing tracks that have send envelopes.
  • Stem rendering: support output samplerate conversion for stem renders.
  • Take pitch envelopes: fixed click on transition to 1.0 pitch.
  • Time display: fixed length rounding bug in measures/beats when displaying lengths.
  • Time signature markers: fixed refresh on removal via alt+click.
  • VST: fixed shell-plugin scanning.
  • Waveforms: optionally fill waveform drawing to zero line.
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