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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.54

Cockos has updated REAPER to v4.54.

  • 4.54: JS: fixed an issue in 4.53 where optimizations could cause incorrect code.
  • JSFX:
    • added .== and === operators (exact comparisons).
    • avoid excess undo state save on finishing a slider drag.
    • user functions can now have namespaces as parameters -- function t(a*) ( a.foo = 1; );
    • user functions can now have their own default namespaces -- function foo.bar() ( this.a=1; );
    • user functions can now override built-in functions -- function sin(x) ( x - x^3/6 + x^5/120 );
  • MIDI:
    • quantize linear tempo changes when exporting project MIDI.
    • preserve NRPN blocks on import/export.
    • avoid flooding volume/pan messages when transport is stopped.
    • fixed/improved pasting notes as new items from arrange view.
  • MIDI editor:
    • option to link track list selection to editability.
    • removed automatic 2-way mirroring of arrange view selection and MIDI track list selection.
    • track list selection optionally follows changes in arrange view selection.
  • Video:
    • bridged Quicktime bugfix (eof would cause video source to stop working).
    • fixed more audio playback issues when using VLC decoder.
  • VST:
    • avoid flooding undo states on certain plugins that send too many audioMasterEndEdit (such as TB_EZQ).
    • improved parameter automation behavior.
  • API: various APIs properly update track-dirty flags.
  • Automation: fixed bug where plug-in automation timing would be affected by track channel count.
  • Batch converter: support writing to source directory for media items.
  • Playback: improved some anticipative FX behavior changed in 4.52.
  • ReaPlugs: various toggles now better support automation.
  • ReaSamplomatic: reduced clicking when voice-constrained.
  • Recording: fixed media monitoring when in time selection auto punch and no time selection.
  • Stretch markers: move marker preserving left hand rate works properly on first stretch marker in item.
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