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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.57

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Cockos has updated REAPER to v4.57.


  • MIDI editor:
    • added mouse modifier to stretch MIDI source loop.
    • less sensitive mouse behavior for editing ruler loop points.
    • new loop point editing behavior when start offset exists.
    • quantize window has improved labels for quantize range.
  • MIDI inline editor:
    • added action to close editors for selected items for main context.
    • auto-zoom contents when opening if edits have occurred in main editor.
    • doubleclick on toolbar zoom button zooms-to-contents.
    • fixed flicker when using humanize window.
    • if closing editor via inline editor action, obey selection rules.
  • AU:
    • bridged support for plug-ins with multiple buses.
    • fixed bridged plug-in issues (broken in 4.56).
    • improved bridged plug-in shutdown sequence to avoid autorelease errors.
  • FX:
    • fixed rare zero column size bug in FX browser.
    • floating FX windows show slot number of title.
    • restore floating state when bringing FX back online.
  • MIDI:
    • fixed peak issue with overlapping channel data.
    • improved arrange view note display (scales to fit used notes).
  • OSC:
    • added /vkb_midi/[note|cc|pitch|program|polyaftertouch|channelpressure] commands for sending MIDI to the VKB record input.
    • added default mappings for /track/@/[mute|solo|recarm]/toggle, /action/@/cc, /action/@/cc/relative, and /action/@/cc/soft (for soft-takeover).
    • improved support for soft-takeover on action and FX parameter bindings.
  • OS X:
    • fixed some small leaks.
    • on 10.9+, disable App Nap when using bridged plug-ins, rendering, or audio device open.
  • Video:
    • fix startup crash with old VLC versions installed.
    • improved QT audio support.
  • Windows:
    • improved CPU/memory meter reliability.
    • improved pin-to-top button behavior.
  • Grouping: fixed possible group errors when using multiple project tabs.
  • JS: fixed reset to default for sequencer_baby_v2.
  • Localization: fixed potential crash on startup.
  • Memory: tweaks to memory management logic.
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