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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.591

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Cockos has updated REAPER to v4.591.

  • 4.591:
    • FX: fixed keyboard navigation in FX chains on Windows.
    • JS: fixed sizing issue on OS X.
    • MIDI editor: fixed velocity lane editing on OS X.
    • RS5k: fixed peakbuilding when changing samples via combo box.
  • JSFX:
    • added many new gfx APIs and functionality (including gfx_dest for offscreen drawing).
    • string support for code, improved language syntax.
    • IDE: better syntax highlighting with simple error detection, ctrl+T for matching parentheses/strings/etc.
    • IDE: can open/edit multiple files at once (ctrl+O on import line, or similar).
    • IDE: watch window has searchable filter, can also do value=xyz or refs=xyz, other operators include <, > and &
    • faster in-place fft_permute(), fixes to old bugs in FFT/memcpy.
    • fixed endian issue in file_var()/file_mem() reading of 16-bit wav files on PPC.
    • fixed file slider incorrect defaults.
    • force disabling FPU exceptions for better compatibility with certain plugins.
    • hidden sliders can now start with -- to prevent adding UI gap, improvements to spacing.
    • sliderchange(-1) will trigger undo point when called from @gfx.
  • MIDI editor:
    • better handling of selection changes when using one MIDI editor per track.
    • fixed editing individual note velocity bars.
    • option to let MIDI editor remain open when the active media item is deleted in the arrange view.
    • reworked editor behavior preferences in options and in editor contents menu.
    • unhide hidden note rows when the user switches to piano keyboard view.
  • Render:
    • respect text cursor and selection when inserting wildcards from wildcard menu.
    • VU meters for master mix and stem tracks (mono, stereo, multichannel).
    • VU meters display up to 24 channels for multichannel renders.
    • optimized output filename collision detection.
  • OS X:
    • more descriptive MIDI device names, which reduces potential order changes of similarly named devices.
    • scan /Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins for native REAPER plug-ins (such as SWS).
  • Peaks:
    • option to put peak files in peaks/ subdirectory from media.
    • option to force alternate peak-path for select media paths (such as sample libraries, etc).
  • Project bay:
    • improvements to media item length sorting.
    • support for moving/copying media to any destination directory.
  • FX: fix for win 8.1 hang on fx add with default preset.
  • Media explorer: updated pitch shift API.
  • Menus: better sorting for ini files.
  • MIDI: arrange view note scaling is per-track, rather than per-item.
  • OSC: added messages to jump to marker or seek to region.
  • ReaEQ: fixed locking issue on preset load.
  • ReaMote: improved timeout behavior when remote host stops responding.
  • ReaMote/ReaStream: improved socket polling behavior (poll() on OS X, allow more than 64 connections on win32).
  • ReaSamplomatic5k: fixed potential crash on loading with offline media.
  • Save as with copy: move only when in previous media path (added in 4.58) made optional.
  • Undo: better undo state descriptions for FX and envelope edits.
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