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Cycling '74

Cycling '74 updates Max to v6.0.4

Cycling '74 has updated Max to version 6.0.4.

New Features:

  • attrui: tab key support.
  • filterdesign: double-click to see dictionary.
  • Gen: GenExpr include files.
  • jit.anim.node new features:
    • new messages: concat, worldtolocal, localtoworld.
    • new attribute: invtransform.
  • jit.gl.cornerpin object.
  • jit.phys.* new features:
    • @enable attribute.
    • physics constraints now have rotate/rotatexyz attributes.
  • jit.phys.world new features:
    • attributes for simulation updates.
    • remove_plane attribute for 2D functionality.
  • sqlite: faster database update startup.
  • standalone: improved dependency inclusion for some components.

Bugs Fixed:

  • audio: fixed start/stop UI delay glitch.
  • audio: closing patcher window now fades properly (Mixer Crossfade).
  • audio: clicking then silence / crashing when changing audio settings.
  • audio: fixed crash when turning mixer parallel on/off when signal vector size is smaller than 64.
  • audio: hot-swap devices without needing to restart Max.
  • audio: patcher muting respected when audio started.
  • audio: fixed deadlock when closing a patcher with the Audio running.
  • preferences: fixed crash on corrupted Windows preference files.
  • cascade~: fixed zipper noise on coefficient change.
  • cellblock: resizing the object refreshes properly in in-line edit mode.
  • codebox: require disposes of filewatcher when closed.
  • codebox: retains inlet/outlet count even with an error with GenExpr.
  • cycle~: proper handling of attrs/args.
  • dac~: start/startwindow in right inlet.
  • dialog: text field does not have focus (Mac OS 10.6).
  • dict: automatically add missing extension for the 'import' message.
  • dict.iter: fix crashes with references to dangling subdictionaries.
  • enable SSE2 instructions for windows non-audio projects.
  • Encapsulating with disabled patch cord causes crash.
  • File > New Text, typing, File > Save causes text to disappear.
  • filtergraph~ no longer crash when receiving a message with the wrong filter index.
  • filtergraph~: @edit_maxfreq @edit_minfreq swap.
  • fpic: opt+drag no longer loses image.
  • Gen: patcher type visual display on inlets and outlets.
  • Gen: 'f' can be used in GenExpr as a variable.
  • Gen: .genexpr files now associated with Max6.
  • grab: Works with 'set' receives / multiple output.
  • groove~: fix for output gain variations depending up transposition with resampling on.
  • groove~: fix for stuttering, distortion, and other glitches with resampling on and looping a small portion of a large buffer.
  • groove~: fixed crash when loop max is smaller than loop min.
  • groove~: resampling aliasing on loop points.
  • groove~: resampling and loopinterp should work together.
  • jit.anim.drive: ui_map dictionary functionality fixes.
  • jit.cellblock: .txt extension added to written files.
  • jit.cellblock: misc fixes.
  • jit.gen: fixed noise().
  • jit.gl.lua: .lua files: now associated with Max6.
  • jit.gl.node: fixed crash when closing patch after deleting jit.gl.node.
  • jit.gl.node: gl.node erase_color attribute bug fix.
  • jit.gl.pix: fixed GLSL compilation errors.
  • jit.gl.videoplane: fixed fullscreen crash.
  • jit.phys.body: fixed @shape compound crashes when collision reporting.
  • jit.phys.ghost: fixed help file crash.
  • jit.qt.movie: fixed flatten + inplace crash.
  • jit.qt.movie: attrui @dim updates with @adapt 1.
  • jitter Gen: math binops with vec2 arguments produce valid output.
  • KeyMIDI: octaves buttons works properly again.
  • live.step: editlooponly respects loop start > 1.
  • matrixctrl: updates when recalling a preset in Max for Live.
  • minimixer: fixed sizing issues.
  • nodes: mouse coordinate are correct when the object isn't squared.
  • nodes: no longer produce NaN when the size of a node is set to 0.
  • nodes: setnode message properly updates the active state.
  • b3d matrixoutput 2 memory leak.
  • bject details panel: fixed GUI glitch.
  • polybuffer~ help file: fixed crash on Windows.
  • phasor~: improved @lock 1 performance.
  • plot~: editing domain labels in the editor does not trigger a re-paint.
  • poly~: decreased the CPU usage for non-dsp (and non-active DSP) patchers.
  • polybuffer~: fixed getshortname crash.
  • Projects: auto localize setting results in missing file entry.
  • reference: fixed Tutorial 1 missing text.
  • reference browser: removed mouseover popup in search results.
  • regexp: fixed substring crash.
  • saving: saving an abstraction (or poly~ patcher) as another file no longer causes other instances to reload.
  • saving: fixed open rect bpatcher save issue.
  • scale: fixed ref and scale vignette namespace collision.
  • scale/scale~: exponent base is no longer inverted in non-classic mode.
  • send~/receive~: mismatched pair no longer crashes Max when DSP is on.
  • sidebar: improved reference appearance at small sizes.
  • standalone: better default audio driver selection.
  • standalone: fixed java dependency issues.
  • standalone: fixed issues on Windows with javascript inclusion.
  • table: object box attrs now work properly.
  • vst~: window coordinate arguments work again with 'open' message.
  • watchpoints: improved positioning when watchpoint is below patcher when patcher is floating.
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