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D16 Group has announced that Syntorus, a "Double Path Analog Chorus", is now available. It costs €35 and is available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU effect plug-in formats. All current users who own D16 Silver Line effect(s) can take advantage of a cross-grade offer and purchase Syntorus for a lower price. D16's Total Bundle and Silver Line collection have been updated and now both include Syntorus.

SyntorusSyntorus is designed to provide a rich analogue chorus similar to the effect found on classic synthesisers like the Solina, Synthex or Juno. D16 says that Syntorus has a unique sound which will add richness to any instrument it is used on. Synthetic basses and leads will come to life. It will also add extra depth and lushness to acoustic instruments.

To create a chorus effect, an audio signal is mixed with one or more delayed, pitch modulated copies of itself.

Analogue Delay Line
The delay line module is the most important part of any chorus unit. To give Syntorus its unique and special sound, D16 implemented a precise model of a high-quality analogue delay line and projected this into the digital domain. This means that Syntorus has a musical and warm sounding delay line with no unwanted digital artifacts.

Syntorus also has an emulation of a Bucket-Brigade Device (BBD) analogue delay line included within its architecture. Turning this on, will add extra analogue warmth and character to the audio signal. With BBD off, Syntorus functions as a high-quality chorus effect unit where the spectrum of the sound is clean and pristine.

Double Delay Line
In most ordinary chorus effect units, a single delay line is used to create the sound. Syntorus has two high-quality analogue delay lines to give a richer, fuller and deeper chorus sound. These can be set to operate separately or configured to run in a master/slave mode. Full control is provided over all parameters in the signal path allowing for absolute freedom when sculpting the sound.

Both delay lines have an additional tremolo effect included which is controlled by a LFO - very useful for playing Rhodes keyboards or guitar sounds. The Tremolo effect can be used on its own or added to the delay line signal to create even more dynamic and moving sounds.

Each LFO can be synchronized with the host application. In this mode the period of the LFO depends on the host tempo and is set as a musical measure. This feature is standard on most plugins. However in Syntorus, the phase is also perfectly synchronized with song position within a project. This guarantees that Syntorus will always play exactly the same way wherever we are in the timeline of a song or project.

Feature summary:

  • Emulation of analogue delay line.
  • Double delay line.
  • LFOs synchronized with host application.
  • Built-in tremolo effect.
  • Presets organised into groups.
  • MIDI learn function.
  • 64-bit internal processing.
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