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db-audioware quantum-fx v1.0.6 released

db audioware have released v1.0.6 of quantum-fx, their modular VST/DirectX effects system for Windows. This release adds a number of features including step sequencers, random preset generation, improved reverb performance, and more accurate syncing of complex effects with VST hosts.

A number of new effects have also been added, including beatslicer (a step sequencer based resonant filter) and q-tone (a new improved guitar amp simulation).


  • New effects:
    • beatslicer (Creative Pack). This is a rhythmic sequenced filter, for creating interesting filter patterns from simple synth or bass lines. This new effect also illustrates how to apply many of the new 1.06 features.
    • q-verb (Classic Pack...Reverbs). A nice sounding yet CPU efficient reverb. (Supersedes the old 'simpleverb' factory effect).
    • New q-tone library effect (available from library.quantum-fx.co.uk). A flexible guitar amp simulator with effects section.
  • Added logarithmic and inverse logarithmic control styles. Logarithmic style provides better control over frequency parameters. Inverse Logarithmic is good for distortion and reverb time parameters. (Access these via the Parameter Properties window in the workbench)
  • Oscillators, Sample&Hold and the new Sequencer modules all synchronise to a single global clock. This allows effects to contain multiple oscillators working in perfect sync with each other. The clock also tracks the host song position (VST plug-in only), guaranteeing accurate effect sync to the current song bar position.
  • Added 8/16/32 Step Sequencer modules. See the new beatslicer factory effect for a working example.
  • Added Chaos module, for creating random plugin presets from a single button click. Completely random presets can be auto-generated, or existing presets can be subtly morphed by a custom level. See the new beatslicer factory effect for a working example.
  • Added "vertical slider" behaviour to the plug-in designer. Lets you quickly change parameter values by "drawing" a curve with the mouse – very useful for graphical EQs and sequencer effects. See the new beatslicer factory effect for a working example.
  • Added "non latching switch" behaviour to plug-in designer. Use for adding buttons to "fire" sequencer playback or Chaos module (creating random presets). See the new beatslicer factory effect for a working example.
  • Improved accuracy of tempo synchronised effects. Previously, gradual drifting of tempo synced effects could be heard over a long time.
  • Added Stereo Panner module
  • Added Allpass Bank and Comb Bank modules for more CPU efficient reverb algorithms. Standard factory reverbs are now 30% more efficient.
  • Added Pulse Width parameter to Oscillator module. This affects only Square and Sine waveforms.
  • Fixed zipper noise heard on Panner and Volume modules (when modulated at a high rate).
  • Fixed bug: when multiple, duplicate effects are dropped into the current effect, they are uniquely names. For example, if you drop three Chorus effects, they will be named Chorus, Chorus:2 and Chorus:3. This allows effects to be nested, for example you can drop a Reverb inside an existing Reverb. This used to corrupt the saved effect.
  • Fixed workbench bug: when you double-click on an embedded effect to view the algorithm, the existing window will be brought to the foreground. Previously, multiple windows would open for the same embedded effect.
  • Fixed bug: intermittent crash when dragging a module to a workbench window which does not have focus.
  • Fixed workbench bug: the top level algorithm window cannot now be manually closed. Only embedded effect windows can be closed by the user.
  • Fixed workbench bug: occasional startup warnings with certain soundcard configurations.
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