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DMG Audio

DMG Audio updates EQuality to v1.08

DMG Audio has updated EQuality to v1.08.

Changes since v1.06:

  • Fix latency compensation for RTAS.
  • Fix bug with textbox entry on Mac.
  • Optimised VU redraw.
  • Fix reporting of latency in VST3 version.
  • Optimisations for Graph redraw.
  • Massive speed increase for UI redraw on Windows.
  • Analyser is no longer pink.
  • Enhanced CPU efficiency for redraw for AU version.
  • Solo by Select preference (new default).
  • Use "Factory Bank" if no Default Bank found (no overwriting of your defaults).
  • Improve ultra-low frequency performance.
  • Analyser Tilt and Smooth preferences.
  • Avoid glitches when switching between Stereo <-> M/S/L/R modes with Linphase.
  • Compensate for mouse position, so touching bands doesn't nudge frequency.
  • "Show me the EXACT Q value" preference.
  • 48db/oct filters.
  • Tidyup preferences.
  • Fix bug whereby "hide mouse" preference could become permanent.
  • Fix two crash bugs.
  • Prevent pop on start with Phase modes.
  • VST2: Avoid reporting latency IN the audio thread (avoids weird delays in Cubase).
  • VST2: Keep UI in synch with preset selected from host.
  • Make FLAT smarter.
  • Make entered text undoable.
  • Preference for Red or Blue analyser colour.
  • Added "press shift to lock graph to adjust only gain, not frequency".
  • Fine-drag with knobs/textboxes with right mousebutton.
  • Improved "pointer hide" mode.
  • VST3: Don't map all channels incorrectly.
  • VST3: Don't crash when inserted on a mono channel.
  • Fix Stereo and Double Precision processing for VST3.
  • Fix metering bug.
  • Reinstate +/-6dB zoomed range, add +/-3dB range.
  • Stop the registration info from rotating.
  • Add Shift+Ctrl (Shift+Apple) click to invert a band's gain.
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