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Musikmesse 2006Audified

Musikmesse 2006: DSound announces Bass Player, LiveFX, GT Player update, and more

DSound has announced:

  1. Updated solution for guitar players - GT Player
  2. New solution for bass players - Bass Player
  3. New solution for live sound engineers - Live FX
  4. Alden USB4T mini amplifier solution for GT Player
  5. Alden USB foot controller for GT Player/Bass player

GT Player new Features:

  • New Stomp Boxes: Auto Tuner, Harmonizer, Pitch Shifter, Parametric EQ, Octaver, Exciter, Level Control, Valve Preamp, Speaker Simulator, Amp Simulator.
  • Full Screen mode: Your definite on-stage solution.
  • New sets of impressive sounds: Blues, Rock, Metal - Listen to well known sounds from famous songs - played on your guitar.
  • Slow down your guitar legends: MP3 and wave file playback with time stretching, now PC&Mac.
  • Runs on Intel Mac natively: All the stomp boxes and the application are Universal Binaries.

Bass Player has all the features of GT Player (see below), plus some special bass specific features:

  • Special Bass Stomp Boxes: Algorithms and setting of stomp boxes adjusted for bass.
  • New sets of sounds: Bass sounds in wide range, from very conservative to experimental and from acoustic to distorted.

GT Player and Bass Player features:

  • Three rack units: Effect Player, Track Player and optional Rewire Player.
  • Guitar stomp boxes: Noise Gate, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ, Flanger, Tremolo, Auto-Wah, Phaser, Overdrive, Auto-Pan and Compressor, Auto Tuner, Harmonizer, Pitch Shifter, Parametric EQ, Octaver, Exciter, Level Control, Valve Preamp, Speaker Simulator, Amp Simulator.
  • Effects can be placed in 24 slots in each program of Effect Player in parallel - serial combination. The microphone signal can be processed in a different effect chain than guitar sound.
  • Effect slots can hold 3rd party effects and VST instruments.
  • 128 program locations selectable by MIDI program change.
  • Track Player allows to add simply and quickly an accompaniment to the guitar sound - drums, loops, songs can be organized in playlists.
  • Either the processed or the clean sound can be recorded to files automatically appearing in playlists. Play, record, listen.
  • ReWire Player allows compatible applications to be controlled from GT Player, Ableton Live or Reason can be used as an alternative accompaniment and their output can be even recorded together with guitar processed in GT Player's Effect unit.
  • Full Screen mode: Your definite on-stage solution.
  • Slow down your guitar legends: MP3 and wave file playback with time stretching, now PC & Mac.
  • Effect unit available as VST and AU plug-in. GT Player VST plugin is very similar to Effect unit of GT Player - bundled plugins, 24 positions, the same hi-quality preloaded programs. The plug-in can be opened in any VST host application. Use complete stompbox combinations in Cubase, Logic, Garage Band.

LiveFX is a VST/AU plug-in rack / chainer for live sound engineers. Screenshots are available in this PDF.


  • 4 stereo VST/AU plugins running simultaneously in parallel FX chains.
  • 8 audio inputs / 8 audio outputs (ASIO/CoreAudio).
  • I/O flexible routing.
  • MIDI remote control of VST plugin parameters.
  • 4 independent MIDI controllers support.
  • Fast and flexible MIDI mapping.
  • 128 performance scenes.
  • MIDI program change support for changing of performance scenes.
  • Touch screen GUI ready.
  • Low-light environment optimized GUI.
  • Intuitive and friendly environment for live gig sound engineers.

DSound and Alden have joined forces and prepared a new line of guitar related USB products based on DSound GT Player software and the Alden USB guitar hardware products line, including:

  • UFC 100 - USB Foot controller for GT Player software
  • USB-4T
  • 20 USB
  • USB XBrid Guitar
  • USB 200 KIT
  • USB 200 PACK

Images and feature lists can be found in this PDF.

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