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EastWest updates Ministry of Rock 2, Hollywood Strings Diamond and Hollywood Strings Gold

EastWest has released Instrument Updates for Ministry of Rock 2 (v1.0.2), Hollywood Strings Diamond (v1.0.6) and Hollywood Strings Gold (v1.0.2).

Changes in Ministry Of Rock 2 Instrument Update 1.0.2:

  • Fixed sample path issues with certain mic sets for various drum kits.

Changes in Hollywood Strings Diamond v1.0.6 and Hollywood Strings Gold v1.0.2 Instrument Updates:

  • Fixed 1st Violins instruments that included the Marc RRx4 samples out of order (mid mic only).
  • New Instruments added ('Quick Start' Instruments): A new folder of instruments is included, intended to be a set of very light, mostly 2 dynamic patches that all have the mid mic loaded up by default. They are intended to be an easy accessible way to use the library right away on 'normal' systems. There are some new instruments that only appear in the "_HS Quick Start" folder, while others are doubles from the library, that just have the mid mic on by default (The new instruments are marked by asterisk here):
    1. 1st Violins Leg Slur LT 3 Ni.ewi.
    2. 1st Violins Pizz 3 RRx4.ewi*.
    3. 1st Violins Slur Runs LT.ewi.
    4. 1st Violins Spic Marc MOD.ewi.
    5. 1st Violins Stac Slur.ewi.
    6. 1st Violins Sus 2 NV VB.ewi*.
    7. 1st Violins Sus 2 VB VB.ewi*.
    8. 1st Violins Trem 2.ewi*.
    9. 1st Violins Trill 2 HT WT.ewi*.
    10. 2nd Violins Flautando Ni.ewi.
    11. 2nd Violins Harmonics Ni.ewi.
    12. 2nd Violins Leg Slur LT 3 Ni.ewi.
    13. 2nd Violins Pizz 3 RRx4.ewi*.
    14. 2nd Violins Spic Marc MOD.ewi.
    15. 2nd Violins Sus 2 NV VB.ewi*.
    16. 2nd Violins Sus 2 VB VB.ewi*.
    17. 2nd Violins Trem 2.ewi*.
    18. 2nd Violins Trill 2 HT WT.ewi*.
    19. Basses Col Legno RRx4.ewi.
    20. Basses Leg Slur LT 3 Ni.ewi.
    21. Basses Pizz RRx4.ewi.
    22. Basses Spic Marc MOD.ewi.
    23. Basses Sus 2 NV VB.ewi*.
    24. Basses Sus 2 VB VB.ewi*.
    25. Basses Trem 2.ewi*.
    26. Basses Trill 2 HT.ewi*.
    27. Celli Leg Slur LT 3 Ni.ewi.
    28. Celli Pizz 3 RRx4.ewi*.
    29. Celli Spic Marc MOD.ewi.
    30. Celli Sus 2 NV VB.ewi*.
    31. Celli Sus 2 VB VB.ewi*.
    32. Celli Trem 2.ewi*.
    33. Celli Trill 2 HT WT.ewi*.
    34. Violas Leg Slur LT 3 Ni.ewi.
    35. Violas Pizz 3 RRx4.ewi**.
    36. Violas Spic Marc MOD.ewi.
    37. Violas Sus 2 NV VB.ewi*.
    38. Violas Sus 2 VB VB.ewi*.
    39. Violas Trem 2.ewi*.
    40. Violas Trill 2 HT WT.ewi.
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