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NAMM 2013Eiosis announces new AirEQ for Win & Mac VST, AU, RTAS & AAX

Eiosis has announced their re-launch with a major new version of the AirEQ plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X in VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats.

Fabrice Gabriel, Eiosis CEO and algorithm designer of various Slate Digital products says:

"The last major innovation in equalization technology was the fully parametric equalizer, which is now a considered a standard tool but it was invented in the 1970's."

"The Character Control of AirEQ goes beyond analog, allowing incredibly transparent, tight boosts and cuts in the digital domain, by adding a brand new control to the standard parametric equalizer."

"I always dreamt about bringing new sonic possibilities to the equalization world that had not been done before. I also wanted to feature these innovations in a "desert island" type of equalizer, the one that you would use on every single mix, because its musicality allows you to quickly reach the sound you hear in your mind.

"My goal was to bring something to go further than the bandwidth adjustment, which would also become essential to every sound engineer's daily work, something which would drastically change the sound and extend the possibilities of equalization.

"So I went back to the drawing board to redefine one of the fundamental characteristics of what an equalizer can do : the 'Character Control' is a whole new way to shape your equalization sound. It brings a new set of curves the world has yet to use.

"With the Water curve, you get incredibly smooth boosts and cuts, which is ideal for transparent tone shaping, mastering and any situation which requires natural sounding spectral balance adjustments. Compared to the neutral curves, it can become so transparent that you ask yourself if the processing is still on.

"The Fire curve provides focused, steep, boosts and cuts, while keeping the phase response very tight. I like to say that the Fire curve "hits" rather than it "rings", that's why it's perfect to add punch ."

The Character Control features three curve shapes:

  1. Water: Beyond the smoothness of analog. Incredibly transparent, open and natural sounding.
  2. Fire: Ideal for precise and focused boosts and cuts while maintaining a tight phase-response.
  3. Neutral: The standard analog equalization curves.

Additionally, AirEQ features two special equalization bands:

  • Air: Naturally and smoothly brings up the high frequencies for an easy one-knob air boost.
  • Earth: Brings deep and solid sub-lows. It can be described as an "adjustable transformer".

AirEQ will be available in 2 versions: AirEQ (MSRP $219.99) and AirEQ Premium (MSRP $349.99).

Visit www.eiosis.com for more info.

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