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ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.8.3

ExperimentalScene has updated DarkWave Studio to version 3.8.3.

Changes in v3.8.3:

  • Fixed problems with VST Plug-ins with a non-unique UniqueID by loading of correct machine by comparing plug-in name when loading a project. The project file format has changed to support this and so older versions of DarkWave Studio will not be able to load projects saved by this version.
  • Fixed playing of notes with the mouse with the Pattern Editor not responding to quick successive clicks.
  • Fixed a bug in the WaveOut Driver of the 64 bit version which may have caused crashes or inability to play audio output on some systems.

New in v3.8.2:

  • Music keys in the Pattern Editor can now be played with the mouse to hear a note or voice play without having to add a note to the pattern and play the pattern to hear it.

Changes in v3.8.1:

  • Fixed Add Machine VST Menu bug causing garbage display of VSTs not arranged in subfolders.
  • Add Machine Menu sorting made case insensitive.
  • Added support for MIDIKeyName in Pattern Editor and VST Adapter.
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