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ExtornoTechs releases V-Raxtor for Windows

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ExtornoTechs has released V-Raxtor, a new audio plug-in host for Windows. It's available now as a Direct Download for $29.00 (MSRP).

V-Raxtor is a software solution for audio plug-in hosting in a versatile and intuitive "racks battery", connected to a multi-channel virtual mixer.

Flexibility and control over plug-in interconnection enable users to implement a consistent audio-stream-processing system.

IDE-style workspace with direct manipulation emphasis offers "new step of naturality to the human/software interaction process".

Modern pseudo-3D graphical interface with shadows, highlights, relief-mapping and smooth animation produces a realistic virtual studio representation.

Popular technologies support makes it easier to utilize today's software/hardware solutions:

  • Plug-in interfaces – VST2 & VST3;
  • Audio interface – ASIO;
  • Graphics interfaces – Direct3D or OpenGL;
  • Standardized MIDI-protocol for virtual studio control.

V-Raxtor architecture foundation stones are described below.

Virtual Device (Plug-in): Basic system metaphor. It is the actual plug-in "container":

  • Plug-in Volume level control;
  • Plug-in Pan level control;
  • Plug-in Dry/Wet (Mix) level control;
  • Plug-in Program selector;
  • Plug-in Editor display button;
  • Plug-in L/R-channel volume indicators.

Virtual Device Rack: Device "container". It is used for mounting multiple Devices in a stack manner:

  • Input module;
  • Unlimited number of Devices as FX-chain "links";
  • Output module;
  • Free in-rack Device reposition.

Virtual Racks Battery: Racks "container". It is used for multiple Racks aggregation in a battery manner:

  • 32 separate Racks;
  • Free cross-rack Device reposition;
  • Gesture navigation between Racks.

Virtual Mixer: Battery signals routing and control unit. It is used for mixing, switching, changing the levels of audio-streams and so on:

  • 32 separate mixer Channels;
  • Volume level control;
  • Pan level control;
  • Send level control;
  • Mute-switcher;
  • Solo-switcher;
  • FX on/off-switcher;
  • Input (Left or Right) audio channel selector;
  • L/R-channel volume indicators.

User Plug-ins List At Hand: Provides fast access to the audio plug-ins, installed on the user's machine:

  • DXi (under development);
  • VST2;
  • VST3;
  • V-Raxtor plugins (under development).

Program Assets Browser: Provides fast access to the program assets, stored by user:

  • Stored Projects;
  • Stored Devices;
  • Stored Racks;
  • Stored Mixer States;
  • Stored Workspaces.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista or Seven (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit);
  • 1 GHz CPU (x86/x64-compatible);
  • 512 MB RAM;
  • 20 MB HDD;
  • DirectSound/ASIO-compatible audio-interface;
  • OpenGL 3.3 compatible video-card (Direct3D10/11 recommended);
  • Internet connection for Activation;
  • A MIDI-controller and/or a MIDI-keyboard recommended.

Tech Specs:

  • VST2, VST3, ASIO, DirectSound;
  • WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC;
  • MIDI-In.

Pricing & Availability

V-Raxtor MSRP is $29.00 and is available now as a Direct Download.

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