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FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.2

FMJ-Software has updated Awave Studio to v10.2. New features include support for reading Roland sequencer files (.SVQ), Yamaha Turos 2 voices (.TVN), Apple CoreAudio files (.CAF), WavPack lossless files (.WV), Roland MT-32 LA-synthesis timbre dumps (.SYX), and much more.


  • The old program menu plus separate tool-bar have been merged into a single custom "command bar".
  • Added support for reading songs from Roland sequencer files (.SVQ).
  • Added support for reading Yamaha Tyros 2 voice files (.TVN). NB, only the waveforms and the most basic parameters are read for now.
  • Added support for reading and writing Apples CoreAudio file format (.caf, .caff). Currently supported for reading are uncompressed PCM, floating point, IMA 4-bit ADPCM, MAC3 and MAC6, mu-law and A-law, (AAC, ALAC, MP1, MP2, MP3) data formats. Supported for writing are PCM, float, mu/A-law, and IMA ADPCM.
  • Added support for reading and writing WavPack (.WV) lossless compressed files. NB; to use this you need to install the free WavPack codec add-on (wavpackdll.dll).
  • Added support for reading Apple lossless (a.k.a. ALAC) compressed data (.M4A and .MOV files).
  • Added support for reading version 4 of the Reason NN-XT file format (.SXT).
  • Added support for reading a rare compressed version of Yamaha SMAF (.MMF) mobile ring-tones.
  • Added support for encoding 12 and 20-bits/sample FLAC files (in addition to 8, 16 or 24-bit/sample). Also Added support for using libFLAC.dll versions later than v1.1.2.
  • If you have zoomed in vertically in the loop editor (i.e. amplitude-wise), you can now drag the graph vertically using the mouse if you want too see parts of the wave that is beyond the edge of the display.
  • Added a "Renumber instruments" function to the "Instrument processing wizard".
  • Speed improvements in the 'Awave software synth'. The synth now also supports a chorus effect.
  • What was previously called "FM instruments" are now called "Synthesis models". And they are now found as region-leaves instead of as special-case instruments. A region can now link to either a waveform - for regular wavetable synthesis, or to a synthesis model - for emulating other kinds of synthesis. The definition of regions has not changed, i.e. you can use them to split sounds across the keyboard, you can layer them etc., you can even use waveforms and synthesis models in the same instrument. NB, editing of the synthesis model parameters is not supported, limiting its use to sounds imported from files.
  • Added support for reading waveforms from Roland MT-32 / CM32L / LAPC-1 control and PCM ROM dumps. Also added support for reading instruments from Roland MT-32 (and compatibles) SysEx files, as well as control ROM dumps. These are very accurately converted into synthesis models which can be played using the Awave software synth (NB, with the current release, you can't do much else with them - converting to wavetable synthesis, like what's possible for the FM synthesis models, is currently not supported for LA-synthesis). Instruments can also be read from Roland D-50 SysEx files. These are more roughly converted to synthesis models (you'll be asked to supply .wav files for any PCM samples used by such instruments).
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