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FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.4

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FMJ-Software has updated Awave Studio to version 10.4. The new release of the instrument editor and format converter adds support for Yamaha Tyros 2, Yamaha Tyros 3, Yamaha EX5, Yamaha Motif XS, Yamaha Motif XF, Logic EXS24, Ensoniq Mirage, Cakewalk projects, Matroska containers, Adlib captures, and much more.

Changes in version 10.4:

  • Added support for reading and writing Yamaha EX5 files (.S1V,.S1M,.S1A).
  • Added support for writing (in addition to reading) Yamaha Tyros 2 and Tyros 3 files (.TVN,.UVN).
  • Added support for reading Yamaha Motif XF all/voice/wave files (.X3A,.X3V,.X3W).
  • Added beta-support support for writing Yamaha Motif XS and Motif XF voice and wave files (.X0V,.X0W,.X3V,.X2W). This hasn't been fully tested yet, so feedback is appreciated.
  • Added support for reading and writing Logic EXS24 files (.EXS). NB; only basic parameters are converted - LFOs, envelopes etc., are currently ignored.
  • Added support for reading audio data from Matroska container format files (.MKV and.MKA). Currently the following audio codecs are supported: MPEG, AAC, Ogg, and PCM.
  • Added support for reading songs from Cakewalk/Sonar work files (.WRK). This includes support for associated SoundFont files and for SysEx banks with Yamaha DX-series or Roland MT-32 instruments.
  • Improved conversion of Kurzweil files (.KRZ,.K25).
  • Added support for writing AKAI S900/S950 sample files.
  • Added support for reading Ensoniq Mirage floppy disk images (.EDM). As these can not be reliably auto-detected, you must use a file extension of.EDM. NB; envelopes are not converted, and the pitch can be a bit shaky...
  • Resampling of waveforms is now up to 8x faster.
  • Added a "Compact MIDI file size" function to the "MIDI processing wizard", allowing removal of duplicate/unnecessary MIDI messages, and optional replacement of Note-Off with zero-velocity Note-On (which saves a Byte whenever the previous message is a Note-On on the same channel).
  • Added an "Auto-detect and fix phase inversion" option to the "Convert to mono" function in the "Audio processing wizard".
  • The MIDI track editor now allows multi-selection, so that you can delete more than one event in one go.
  • When reading rare "format 2" MIDI files, each "pattern track" is now automatically converted into a separate format 0 songs.
  • Added support for reading several "raw Adlib / OPL register capture" formats (with conversion of both song and instrument data):
    • DOSBox Raw OPL format v1 & v2 (.DRO files).
    • Rdos Raw OPL capture format (.RAW files).
    • id Software Music Format (.IMF &.WLF files).
  • Reading & writing Monkeys Audio files (.APE) now requires the external file MACDLL.dll (included in the latest codec pack).
  • Added support for reading.WAV files containing Ogg Vorbis format compressed audio.
  • Added support for reading 2/2.67/4-bit SoundBlaster/Creative Labs ADPCM compression from.VOC files.
  • Added support for reading rare "non-seekeable".OGG files.
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