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Gibson Brands Announces Intention to Acquire Cakewalk Inc

Gibson Brands has entered into a letter of intent with Roland Corporation and Cakewalk, Inc. for Gibson to acquire Cakewalk pursuant to definitive acquisition agreements to be negotiated by the parties. Following the closing of the proposed acquisition, a new brand, TASCAM Professional Software, will be created to support, promote, and publish Cakewalk's current and future professional products.

Cakewalk President Michael Hoover notes "The world's most iconic guitar, Gibson's Les Paul, bears the name of the inventor of multitrack recording—and TASCAM launched a musical revolution by bringing multitrack recording to the masses. The combination will make a fitting home for products developed by Cakewalk."

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23 September 2013 at 9:43pmrockstar_not

Normally, announcements like this don't bother me but when I saw the TASCAM name in there, my stomach turned. My experience with the TASCAM US-800 has been less than favorable with nearly non-existent technical support from TASCAM. However, I see that Gibson bought TEAC (TASCAM's parent) back earlier in 2013. Maybe they can shake the customer service and product development folks into reality. Simply dropping a product (US-800) rather than fixing the drivers or offering a buy-back program to customers, is not the way to treat customers.

23 September 2013 at 11:48pmdwozzle

I sincerely hope this purchase ends differently than Gibson's purchase of Opcode systems, makers of the groundbreaking and amazing DAW Studio Vision, which they left to die and eventually killed. It sounds like the Cakewalk folks are psyched about this, and surely they're aware of the Gibson/Opcode story, so maybe there's hope, maybe.

24 September 2013 at 12:39pmfloego

I'm not optimistic at all, I remember the abandonment of Gigastudio by Tascam back in 2008, after an agony of about seven years following the buying of Nemesys Music Technology, the creators of Gigasampler.

24 September 2013 at 1:29pmdwozzle

I wonder what Cake/TASCAM's motivation is to do this. Do you think they're losing money? Prosumer audio seems like a big and growing market, but also a tough one to be in. From here it looks like they're one of the big players in the mid-level DAW market, and if they can't make it, who can? Just Avid? Variety and competition are fundamentally good for the industry, losing a major player would be unfortunate.

24 September 2013 at 10:29pmBrian Little

This is bad news from my perspective as I think Roland makes quality equipment. Being an edrummer I was hoping Roland would have taken advantage of the talent at cakewalk to come up with some nice software and hardware integration. I don't understand why Roland is doing this.

1 October 2013 at 7:07pmbluzgtr


Gibson bought OPCODE, including what was arguably the best DAW at the time, StudioVision. They then fumbled it into non-existence almost immediately, proving that they had no idea what to do with a software company. They never released a single OPCODE product. I lost a lot of money, because my whole studio was OPCODE.

Then Tascam bought Gigastudio and destroyed that, along the way selling me a junky FW 1082 control surface that never worked right.

Now I've got everything working nicely, and Gibson raises it's ugly head and buys my Cakewalk, so Sonar will be dead soon. I'm too old to learn another DAW. I think I'll sell it all and buy a 24-track tape machine.


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