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Steinberg have updated HALion to v3.0.1.538.

New Features:
  • Caching category of fxp files.
  • HSB Content: added "Remove from HALion Content" right-click command.
  • Added 2 new User-Categories "Favourites" (3 before, total now 5).
  • User-Categories "Favourites 1-5" can now be renamed by keeping Ctrl pressed when selecting.
  • Added "Save Bank..." in Global Archive menu.
  • More practical numerical changes with mouse wheel for text edit.


  • RAMsave: when loading fxp, fxb or a Project samples are loaded in unloaded state.
  • Fixed: FX Send didn't "send" until it is moved.
  • Installer can now register HALion3 as DXi (optional) in non CD-ROM version / Updates.
  • Browser now moves deleted files to trash.
  • When multiple Samples are dragged to virtual keyboard the root key is set correctly now.
  • Fixed no indication of muted folders.
  • Fixed not being able to cut a program with folders and then paste.
  • Fixed various Autobrowse bugs.
  • Creating new Folder in Program list is now correct when there is already a folder.
  • Sample import now acknowledge names containing "-" (minus).
  • Improved Roland disc conversion speed.
  • Improved Kurzweil Import (Disc Detection, Multisample support, Layer transpose, Loop).
  • Some Kurzweil CDs could lead to a crash. Fixed.
  • Fixed looping problems when using set B of the loop.
  • Fixed a problem where CC10 could mute sounding notes.
  • Autopan / Tremolo FX: The Phase Fader now works as intended.
  • Tape Delay FX: Added scrollbar to access last 2 parameters.
  • DCA Bypass now works like in HALion 2.x.
  • Cursor keys now works in Browser View.
  • Fixed several graphical issues on Mac & PC.
  • Fixed a possible crash while loading a 2nd project in Cubase / Nuendo.
  • Reload of Samples to RAM if programs are moved outside of Global 16 didn't work correctly. Fixed.
  • Fixed a crash with Ableton Live 4 during HALion initializing. Remark: currently HALion doesn't recall it's settings in Live 4. This will be fixed in the upcoming Live update version 4.0.2 and is not a HALion issue.
  • Loading HALion 2 fxps or Projects that used HALion 2 could lead to HALion not finding Samples immediately. Fixed.
  • Standalone version didn't support Wheel. Fixed.
  • Optimized selecting and renaming Folders.
  • Mac: Samples were sometimes not found. Fixed.
  • Mac: Optimized Drawing in Keyzone when selecting samples.
  • Mac: Crashes on Japanese OS fixed.
  • Mac: Fixed crashes when loading a bank file without extension.
  • Mac: The "Do not show this message again" checkbox is working now.
  • Long close times for unembedded fxps extremely reduced by code optimizations.
  • Mac: Fixed a crash when deleting a few samples out of a huge amount of samples.
  • Fixed a crash when multiple instances of HALion3 were loaded with 256 voice buffers.
  • HALion 3 caused Cubase SX 2 to not retain "can hide" status in the mixer for HALion 2 channels. Fixed.
  • Mac: Installer trashing disk permissions for many folders. Fixed.
  • PC: Pressing "Abort" during AKAI CD import seemed HALion 3 to freeze for a while. Fixed.
  • Browser not clearing last state after re-instantiation or re-launch of the host application when the browsing target did not exist any more. Fixed.
  • Fixed the browser alert "Samples not found" although samples were there and a new search did find the samples.
  • Mac: Auto map to program FX was not working. Fixed.
  • Mac: At high zoom-resolution the sample-names were not be displayed vertically. Fixed.
  • Mac: The loop display on the loop page was not updated when "Clear all" was executed. Fixed.
  • When the keyboard was zoomed-in to its maximum the click range of black keys was a few pixels too far left. Fixed.
  • Removing content files from the content list was not possible. Fixed.
  • Assigned key commands for solo, and mute in programs list did not work. Fixed.
  • HALion 3 multiple 'Copy loop to release loop' failed. Fixed.
  • Feeling when turning knobs improved.
  • Using the mouse to change numerical fields improved.
  • Loading Bösendorfer fxp lead to crashes. Fixed.
  • Mac: 'Enable controller in release' option from sound-page mode had no function. Fixed.
  • Mac: In the HALion3 standalone application the key commands were broken. Fixed.
  • When Importing HALion 2 programs into HALion 3 balanced volume was not imported properly. Fixed.
  • Mac: CPU Overload when switching pages while playing has been fixed.
  • Switching Programs in the program list did redraw too often the other views. Fixed.
  • Mac: Crash after loading a .hsb bank.
  • Autopan/Tremolo: Shape parameter can now be edited properly.
  • HALion stand-alone version: ASIO drive audio pair channel select was not possible. Fixed.
  • Can't control Mod-Ball by keyboard Mod-Wheel. Fixed.
  • Crash or freeze when exiting Cubase SX 2 after inserting eight HALion3s. Fixed.
  • PC: "Offset" amount cut off on sound page on Japanese Windows. Fixed.
  • PC: "Peak of allocated Voice", "Reset All 'Don't ask again' Message..." and "Full Quality during Export (Mixdown)" were cut off on Japanese Windows. Fixed.
  • Archive/Save Program did not save the samples in subfolders. Fixed.
  • Mac: Type search item into browser search lead sometimes to a crash in Nuendo. Fixed.
  • Mac: HALion 3 crashed host on 'Revert to saved' or project close. Fixed.
  • Mouse wheel failed in browser unless it was used elsewhere first. Fixed.
  • Macro page failed to show parameters until the program selection was reconfirmed. Fixed.
  • Trouble selecting the correct folder on certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Keyzone view: Keyboard to delete folders often didn't seem to work. Fixed.
  • Changing output configuration created a softsynth track. Fixed.
  • Key commands were not saved with standalone version. Fixed.
  • Logic Audio + AudioUnit and HALion3 plus QuickTime lead to a crash. Fixed.
  • Up/down arrow keys did not deselect all other samples. Fixed.
  • PC: HALion stand alone version stops receiving MIDI after buffer size change. Fixed.
  • Mac: AudioUnit parameter typing via keyboard was not working. Fixed.
  • HALion3 cannot reconcile samples loaded into slots which are not assigned to global at time of loading. Fixed.
  • Live 4 didn't save HALion setting (bank). Fixed.
  • Presets sometimes loading out of tune when running at 48 kHz. Fixed.
  • Problem with chromatic drag and drop mapping fixed.
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