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Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.2 - new features and improvements plus three new bundled plugins: Dyno-Mite, GVerb+ and 3D Triple Delay

Harrison has updated Mixbus to version 2.2, a free update that provides several new features and improvements on all three platforms plus three new bundled plugins: Dyno-Mite, GVerb+, and 3D Triple Delay.

New Features (all platforms):

  • Pre-installed "Essentials" plugin Pack.
  • Cut Time: deletes a portion of the session timeline, optionally including markers, tempo and meter changes.
  • "Color Tracks Together" allows user to quickly select tracks and make them share a color.

Improvements & Fixes (all platforms):

  • Region gain is now stepped in 1dB increments and allows unlimited gain/attenuation.
  • Drag/Drop region inserts and pasting of regions will now ripple when in Ripple Edit mode.
  • Region trims no longer "ripple" their changes when in Ripple Edit.
  • A secondary keybinding for "Add Marker at Playhead" was added to accommodate keyboards without number pads. This action is bound to "m" in the mnemonic-us and default-us keymaps.
  • Select All (ctrl/cmd-A) now selects all regions AND tracks.
  • The display of the range selection has become very slow in 2.1. This has been fixed.
  • Scrolling has become very slow with multiple automation tracks, even when they are hidden. Scrolling speed will now be unaffected if the automation tracks are hidden.
  • Picking a color for a track would sometimes not immediately update the regions in the track. This has been fixed.
  • Solo Clear now clears Mixbus solos as well as tracks.
  • Knob sensitivity has been increased in some cases.
  • LV2 plugins now allow multi-mono instantiation, so you can put a mono LV2 plugin in a stereo track (it will operate in dual-mono).
  • Recording grouped fader automation now works in Touch as well as Write.
  • The dialog for "Export Region" was showing the track source selector. This has been fixed.
  • Potentially fixed an intermittent crash that occurred during heavy fader automation.

Windows-specific changes:

  • Clicking on the timebar ruler to locate the playhead while playing might cause an offset of 1-2 buffer periods between tracks. This has been fixed.
  • If multiple monitors were used in the past, the Mixer & Edit windows have their position stored in that location which would make them unavailable when only one monitor is connected. This has been fixed.

OS X-specific changes:

  • KP_Enter ( Enter on the number pad ) was the default key to create a new marker. However this key was unmappable in previous versions of Mixbus on OS X. This has been fixed, so now KP_Enter will create a new marker at the playhead as intended.

Linux-specific changes:

  • MFixed several bugs in MIDI controller operation and save/recall.
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