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Harrison updates Mixbus to v1.3

Harrison has updated Mixbus to version 1.3, which includes significant improvements to automation, editing, and overall usability.

New Features:

  • Mixbus and Master tracks may now appear in the editor so their automation can be edited.
  • "Stationary Playhead" transport mode (experimental).


  • Mono audio files loaded into a stereo track will now play back on both channels.
  • Reinstate the ALL group for editing.
  • Rationalize track and range selection modes so they follow more established conventions.
  • Automation correctly drops back to playback value when touch ends.
  • Write mode should not pick up the underlying automation settings during a locate.
  • When editing automation, make sure the edits never affect the sound outside of the edit range.
  • You can now choose the "merge files" option when importing 2 same-length audio files, and they will import to a stereo track.
  • Add a shortcut to /Volumes in the Open Session dialog. This makes it easier to find sessions on a removable drive.
  • Add a switch to turn on/off internationalization (this now defaults to OFF, for users that want OSX in their language, but Mixbus in English).
  • Use the term 'Markers' instead of 'Marks', more consistently.
  • Correctly use broadcast wave file timestamps when importing.
  • Switch many instances of "Ardour" to "Mixbus" such as MIDI ports, etc.
  • Dialog now makes clear that when you delete a track, the session will be saved.
  • Apple plugins are no longer separated into more categories than other plugins.
  • Reinstate some MISC options that were lost:
    • Link Region and Track Selection.
    • Name New Markers.
    • Rubberband select snaps to grid.
    • Auto-analyze new audio.
  • Dragging a region to exactly time "zero" was fiddly, this has been made easier.
  • It is no longer possible to delete a mixbus or the master bus.
  • Default JACK ports to 512 instead of 128.
  • Remove "JACK does monitoring" option which has no effect on OSX.


  • Popup menus and windows are now multi-monitor aware.
  • Lists of files & folders will no longer display glitches when scrolling.
  • When soloing a track, the Sends from other tracks are now muted.
  • Intermittent crash when right-clicking to choose a fade shape has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that inhibited playback, which was often encountered after an "export".
  • Region export & bounce should now apply gain & fades correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where regions in heavily-edited tracks occasionally don't play back.
  • Solo: when a track is in solo mode and then removed - all other tracks will no longer stay in 'mute'.
  • AIFF export will no longer allow some formats that were unrecognized by popular audio apps.
  • Weird punch behaviour where non-rec-enabled tracks end up with regions has been fixed.
  • Occasional problem which caused 100% CPU usage after killing JACK has been fixed.
  • Stopped GTK shutdown from causing a crash in some cases.
  • Clocks no longer cease updating when reverse playback is used.
  • Keyboard event forwarding now works better for plugin windows.
  • A benign problem that caused an error at startup: "the object for a history XML node can't be found" has been fixed.
  • Disallow de-activation of master and mixbus DSP. This fixes a howling feedback sound when the master bus is made inactive.
  • When you split a stereo region into mono, they will now show up together in the region list.
  • Menu item "Sync editor & mixer order" now works.
  • Fix GUI glitch when switching editor's mixer strip from stereo to mono channels.
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