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Hart Instruments

Hart Instruments Sampler Engine (HISE) updated to v0.99 build 648

Hart Instruments Sampler Engine (HISE) has been updated to v0.99 build 648.


  • changed appearance to new CI
  • added support for FL Studio
  • added scale factor to resize compiled plugins
  • improved preset browser
  • add "Relocate sample location" button to setting windows.
  • added global transpose feature.
  • fixed OS X repaint throttling when the message queue is full.
  • fix filter plot for non biquad filters (VSF & Moog LP).
  • fixed SynthPreset warning message.
  • fixed routing popup close button.
  • added "Audio / MIDI setup" popup to exported standalone apps.
  • added default parameter values for plugin parameters (fix for Pro Tools initialisation).
  • fixed channel configuration for FX plugins.


  • added more robust sample file checks for compiled plugins
  • added "Check all SampleMaps" tool
  • added "Convert SFZ files to SampleMaps" tool
  • improved performance of multimic voices.
  • skipped initial loading of samples when channel is purged.
  • fix crackling when resampling under certain conditions.
  • moved sample loading dialogue z-order before preset browser.
  • fixed multimic merging with single character mic position names.
  • fix random channel order of multimic merging.
  • fixed restoring of mic position purge status.
  • restore correct bypass state after preloading all samples.
  • fixed voice amount display when purging mic positions.
  • removed duplicate sample loading on startup if disk mode is different.
  • fixed Ctrl+A selection when a group is soloed (selects just the visible samples).
  • added "Convert all samples to monolith + sample map" tool.
  • added "Trim sample start" sample editing tool.


  • added scripting breakpoints
  • added REPL functionality to script editor messagebox
  • added "Jump to Definition" context function
  • added Engine.showErrorMessage to display overlayed critical errors on compiled plugins
  • added "Connect to external script" feature
  • added Engine.getVersion ()
  • added Synth.getIdList ()
  • added event.doubleClick property for handling mouse double click callbacks.
  • added peak_meter DSP module.
  • added runtime evaluation of expressions for improving autocomplete detection.
  • allow inline functions to be stored as scripting variables.
  • fix script fades not getting reset when notes are killed by retrigger logic.
  • update positions of CurveEQ handles when changed via script.
  • mark sub popup menu as ticked if one of its element is ticked.
  • fixed false positive retrigger behavior when a single event starts multiple samples.
  • added missing control default values to old user presets.
  • added pluginParameterName property for automated widgets.
  • fixed ignored events getting passed through to sibling processors.
  • added assignment to local callback variables.
  • added Sampler.isMicPositionPurged ()
  • added export / restore functions for script modulators.
  • added scripting methods to restore / export module states via base64 strings.
  • added some missing String & Array functions.
  • fixed scope of loop iterator variables.


  • added HISE Player exporter
  • added support for 3rd party copy protection methods (e.g. TurboActivate)
  • added some sanity checks before exporting presets.
  • fixed preset version check on compiled plugins.
  • removed Console API calls in frontend / player mode.
  • use AAX_ePlugInCategory_Modulation as default export category for FX instruments.
  • fixed AAX identifier (.= bundle identifier).
  • add "All formats" as export option.
  • added custom preprocessor definitions to project properties.
  • fix check for VST SDK when exporting.
  • added "Clean build folder" command.


  • fixed audio settings dialog on smaller iOS devices.
  • added vDSP FFT support for convolution reverb.
  • fixed crash on older iOS models.



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