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KV331 Audio has updated SynthMaster to version on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

The update brings major fixes and all users of SynthMaster are encouraged to update to the latest version.

The fixes in this update are:

  • Save/SaveAs buttons don't show up save file dialog for SynthMaster RTAS.
  • Arpeggiator doesn't import MIDI files correctly when they contains triplet notes.
  • Constant modulation source doesn't work.
  • Pitch bend doesn't work correctly for comb filters.
  • SynthMaster crashes when VST host changes buffer size.
  • SynthMaster doesn't accept arbitrary buffer sizes from VST host.
  • Saving preset settings might cause SynthMaster RTAS to crash.
  • MIDI Node number of each SynthMaster RTAS instance is not unique.
  • Preset browser bank filter missing in Synthmaster RTAS.
  • For VST hosts that use variable buffer size (such as Orion), SynthMaster doesn't work correctly.
  • When engine quality is greater than draft, MIDI CC filter lag time is incorrect.
  • When engine quality is greater than draft, non-voice MIDI messages are not processed correctly.
  • When voice stealing, notes that are held should not be stolen.
  • Deleting keyscaler points with right mouse button doesn't work.
  • For multiline textboxes (preset description), the last line is not displayed.
  • SynthMaster AU 64-bits might crash if there are certain plugins in the session.
  • Step LFO doesn't start at correct step index.
  • SynthMaster should warn user if temporary files can not be written (under Program Files or Library).
  • After saving a preset its name is displayed twice on the preset browser.
  • For SFZ oscillators, phase (sample start index) parameter can not be modulated.

This update also brings the following new features:

  • SynthMaster now supports multiple user preset folders.
  • SynthMaster now adds default preset extension smpr while saving presets.
  • SynthMaster now remembers user's last folder selection for imported samples.
  • SynthMaster now supports global A4 tune through configuration file.
  • Added tripled/dotted timing for arpeggiator steps.
  • Added stereo panning for stereo SFZ oscillators.

Registered users can download the latest update at:

Demo version of SynthMaster is updated to v2.5.4.151 as well, and can be downloaded at:

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