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Liqube Audio

Liqube Audio updates Resonic Player to Alpha 910 for Windows

Liqube Audio have updated Resonic, an audio player and sample browser for Windows, to Alpha 910.

This release again improves overall performance and stability, and introduces a couple of new features, including A-B repeat, startup resume, and 'maintain playback position' for quickly comparing various versions of mixes and masters.

New features:

  1. New button for Stop after current (red line symbol), which was originally part of the playback mode button (sequential, random). When enabled a vertical red line at the end of the waveform indicates that playback is about to stop the current file has finished. Additionally – on Windows 7 and 8 – a Stop after current indicator is shown as part of the Resonic icon in task bar when large task bar icons are enabled in Windows (which is the default).
  2. New start-up resume feature, see Menu | Playback: Saves folder, file, and play position when you close Resonic, restores folder, file, and play position when you restart Resonic. Hold down the CTRL key while Resonic is starting up to prevent start-up resume.
  3. New A-B repeat feature: During playback left-click the A-B button once to set the start position (A point), left-click it again to set the end position (B point), your selected A-B region is now highlighted and will loop indefinitely. To clear the A-B region left-click the button a third time, or right-click the button any time. The minimum length of an A-B region is one second. Hint: You can seek in the audio file before you set the end position.
  4. New Maintain position feature ("->|->" button): Maintains playback position when switching from a playing file to another file, continuing at the exact position where the first file left off. Very useful for both audio professionals and occasional music listeners, this can for example be used to: Compare various versions of bounces, mixes, masters. Preview whole albums or sets of tracks with just a few clicks.
  5. New waveform style selection (Menu | Visualization | Waveform style) with four preset styles to pick from: Classic – Resonic classic waveform (default) Interlace – simple version of the classic waveform Plain – single-color waveform with outline Outline – just the waveform outline; as minimal as it gets.
  6. Volume bar reworked from scratch: faster, more reliable.
  7. Volume bar now shows the current volume level in percent while in use. Caption is automatically hidden after a couple of seconds. Resonic Pro will show the level in decibels by default.
  8. Volume bar now does smooth transitions when changing volume via left-click.
  9. New advanced option: Disable waveform cache. With the waveform cache disabled each time you play a file the waveform is re-scanned and no cache data is written to the hard drive. Most users should leave this option untouched.
  10. Header file name can now be right-clicked for a menu.
  11. New shortcut: ALT+WHEEL on file list play-scrolls through the files, which can be used to quickly preview lots of smaller audio files.
  12. New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+WHEEL on file list plays a random file.
  13. New shortcut: SHIFT+TAB switches between visualizations (just like F12).
  14. New shortcut: CTRL+L toggles looping (just like NUM+/).
  15. Information bar: Now shows whether files are variable bit rate (VBR).


  1. Overall performance improvements.
  2. Core player completely rewritten for better stability and future functionality.
  3. Core event handling overhauled for better UI performance.
  4. Slightly improved tag scanning speed.
  5. Waveform: Improved digital silence detection and visualization.
  6. Waveform: Dotted lines are now hidden when it's of no use to show them, e.g. when channel heights too small.
  7. Muted state and mute volume are remembered and restored. To try this mute volume, close Resonic, restart it, and then un-mute.
  8. Mute, un-mute, and dim now smoothly change volume.
  9. When muted the volume bar now visualizes its previous value, grayed out.
  10. Time display reworked from scratch: faster, aligned.
  11. Improved browser refreshes for smoother updates.
  12. When you try to start playback without an active file (e.g. after start-up) Resonic now plays the first file in current folder.
  13. Updated logo graphic in upper right corner.
  14. Slightly smoother header/label updates when switching files.
  15. Improved support for OGG OPUS tags.
  16. Improved tag parsing of corrupted FLAC files.


  1. Removed Alternative waveform option in favor or waveform styles.


  1. Important problem fixed where sometimes tagged files refused to play on the first attempt (red error message) when switching between files really fast.
  2. Fixed file name column splitter not being clickable.
  3. Fixed duration label showing wrong popup menu.
  4. Fixed level meter having a top padding, which is reserved for peak value display and peak hold in Resonic Pro.
  5. Fixed ended files not restarting from beginning when clicked in file list.
  6. Fixed undesired fade-in dampening the first transient in audio files when clicking stop, then play. This is an important fix if you're working with loops (reported: M. Lapierre).
  7. Fixed filenames passed via command-line being case-sensitive.
  8. Fixed occasional weird behavior when pressing ALT repeatedly (focus was lost).
  9. Information bar: Now updated only when visible, which reduces overhead a little bit when files start to play.
  10. Icon for playback mode Random updated. Expect a proper 'Shuffle' playback mode in a future release.
  11. Fixed interface not updating properly when looping module music files.
  12. Fixed volume occasionally not going back up when playing from beginning with loop mode enabled.


Official Resonic forums are up at forums.resonic.at.

The official Liqube Audio discussion forum is hosted here on KVR.

Download: resonic.at/download

Keyboard shortcuts: resonic.at/docs/shortcuts

What's new: resonic.at/whatsnew

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