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Liqube Audio

Liqube updates Resonic Player to Alpha 700 for Windows

Liqube has updated Resonic, an audio player and sample browser for Windows, to Alpha 700.

New features

  1. Improved and much more reliable fade-outs, e.g. on stop.
  2. Play position indicator (vertical line) with sub-pixel accuracy.
  3. Clicking a playing file now restarts it from the beginning, like ENTER.
  4. New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+H toggles the header bar, i.e. everything above the waveform can now be hidden using CTRL+ALT+H and CTRL+ALT+I.
  5. New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+F toggles the footer bar.
  6. Support for chained Opus files, and faster scanning.
  7. Support for SoundTracker MOD music files.


  • Resonic now closes down faster and more reliably.
  • Numerous smaller cosmetic changes.
  • Extended keyboard navigation behavior (see remarks).
  • Faster toggling of elapsed/remaining time (left-click on time display).
  • Loop on/off shortcut changed to NUMPAD-/ to be DAW-compatible.
  • Updated graphics for a couple of transport buttons.
  • Bottom part of waveform now softer and blended.
  • Played area now translucent.
  • Loop button symbol replaced with something that better describes what Resonic is doing when this buttons is pressed: loop the current file, seamlessly, not repeat, as in repeat the playlist. An actual repeat playlist feature will follow in a future release with its own dedicated button and a different symbol.
  • Visualization painting performance more stable, CPU usage further reduced.
  • Reworked analyzer painting.
  • Completely reworked file list internals, paving the way for playlist and.cue support.


  • Fixed an occasional bug when trying to close Resonic where sound went silent, CPU usage went up, interface didn't go away (reported: M. Tofall).
  • Fixed an important bug where Resonic sometimes took several seconds to stop playback, which could happen when pressing Stop, when stopping playback via right click, when closing down the application, or when trying to play another file via command-line in single-instance mode. This should also fix the main window sometimes disappearing when the application is minimized in tray and an audio file is passed via command-line.
  • Level meter no longer uses CPU time when hidden (CTRL+ALT+L).
  • Fixed played area flashing up for a brief moment at a wrong position after stopping playback and immediately seeking to a different position.
  • Fixed occasional crash when seeking in damaged .ogg files.
  • Windows XP: Some cosmetic fixes, hover colors and font corrected for both file list and browser.


  • Tabs temporarily removed. They'll be back in the next release.
    When the browser is focused UP and DOWN navigate folders, CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN navigate the file list, ENTER plays the selected folder.
  • When the file list is focused UP and DOWN navigate the file list, CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN navigate the browser, ENTER plays the selected file.
  • Reminder: TAB switches focus between browser and file list.
  • Windows 7 and 8 might be throttling your processor and graphics performance when there is little work to do (like running Resonic) and your power plan is set to Balanced, which is the Windows-default. If you feel like Resonic's animations, including the analyzer, seem a little too jittery try setting the power plan to High performance, in Control Panel under Power Options, which might make a big difference in smoothness, depending on your system.

Download: http://resonic.at/download

Keyboard shortcuts: http://resonic.at/docs/shortcuts

Version history: http://resonic.at/history

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