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Liqube Audio

Liqube updates Resonic Player to Alpha 840 for Windows

Liqube has updated Resonic, an audio player and sample browser for Windows, to Alpha 840.

This release improves performance and stability, fixes analyzer scales, and introduces a couple of new features, including columns customization.

New features:

  1. Waveform scanning now about twice as fast, also for multi-channel files.
  2. Meta data listing fixed and now also several times faster, especially for files with incomplete tags.
  3. Introducing the notification and status bar, which replaces most of the annoying message popups. It sits at the bottom of the main window and shows various kinds of messages in the colors green, yellow, orange, and red.
  4. Number of files in current folder and total size now shown in status bar.
  5. Customizable columns (right-click file list header). Column settings, sort column, and direction are all saved and restored.
  6. Option to avoid the horizontal scrollbar (right-click file list header), which is enabled by default. This feature will try to maximize the main column, and right-align all other columns so that the scrollbar is never shown. If it's not possible to avoid the scrollbar a message is shown.
  7. Sort column and direction remembered when changing folders.
  8. Sort column background now highlighted.
  9. It's now possible to sort by columns that contain information which is not immediately available, like tags or audio properties. Depending on the sort column Resonic might sort the file list again when all the required information is available.
  10. It's now possible to sort by the little colored squares that describe the kind of content in the audio file, i.e. blue for lossless, orange for lossy, or green for music. Just click the column header to sort by the colored squares.
  11. Full multi-monitor support for any combination of screen sizes and arrangements for saving and restoring window position and size. If the window is more than half of its width or height out of either side of the multi-monitor setup it is automatically recovered. With Save window position enabled you can now safely move Resonic, for example, to a second screen, maximize it there, and have it saved and restored there. Resonic can now also span multiple monitors.
  12. Volume presets (right-click volume bar).
  13. Save and restore user volume (right-click volume bar).
  14. Added Explore and select folder to context menu in browser (suggested:PHM).
  15. File listing speed improved on Windows 8, especially for folders containing thousands of audio files.
  16. Mouse cursor can now automatically be hidden when on visualization (see Menu | Visualization).
  17. New shortcut: NUMPAD+1 jumps to the beginning of the file.
  18. New shortcut: NUMPAD+2 jumps to the middle of the file.


  1. Overall performance improvements.
  2. Window restores slightly faster.
  3. Playback advances to next track slightly faster.
  4. Volume context menu (right-click volume bar) is now aligned.
  5. Analyzer accuracy (not resolution) doubled for sampling rates above 48 kHz, which takes a little more processing power.
  6. Vertical analyzer scale slightly adjusted for musicality. Note that an accurate mode as well as vertical zoom is planned for all analyzers in Resonic Pro.
  7. Improved stability of analyzer code.
  8. Numerous color theme and graphics adjustments.
  9. Left-click the filename in the header to browse to its folder.
  10. CTRL+click the filename in the header to select the file in Explorer.
  11. Build date in window title now only shown once on startup, then hidden.
  12. Selected sleep timer method now shown in menu (Menu | Sleep Timer).


  1. Fixed Error state not always being shown for non-playable or broken files.
  2. Fixed occasional overflow bug when playing the first file with analyzer active.
  3. Corrected analyzer sometimes peaking way too high, a side effect of making low peaks more visible. This will further improve in updates.
  4. Fixed analyzer being completely off for sample rates other than 44.1 kHz. Also the upper frequency was off, values shown were always representing 44.1 kHz, and the frequency display was cut off for rates lower than 44.1 kHz. All these issues were fixed. (reported: BTGbullseye).
  5. Fixed wrong frequency values being shown with sample rates above 96 kHz when mouse-hovering the linear analyzer.
  6. Fixed show/hide footer menu item not following state (reported: R. Johnson).
  7. Fixed the NUMLOCK key accidentally toggling mute. Note that mute can always be toggled with the PAUSE key.

A beta and pre-release testing forum is up at forums.resonic.at

Download: resonic.at/download

Keyboard shortcuts: resonic.at/docs/shortcuts

Version history: resonic.at/history

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