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LiveLab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.3

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LiveLab.dk has released version 1.3 of LiveSlice, which also adds a VST effect version allowing you to record loops - live - for instant LiveSlicing. Additionally this release includes a number of workflow improvements the most significant being Drag'n'Drop support. New flash demos will be available soon.

Changes since v1.2

New features:

  • Live input.
  • Drag'n'Drop slices to tracks.
  • Preview slices in the arranger.
  • MIDI through.
  • Loops can now be renamed and saved with a different filename.
  • When a loop is not found on disk (i.e. a new recording) it is automatically saved with the song.
  • New feature: stretch - automatically pitches all events to make the duration match the project tempo.
  • Manual sync will now override host sync information (workaround for hosts that provide incorrect sync info).
  • Clicking middle mouse button on a parameter will reset (before it would clear the event underneath).
  • Manual sync will now override host sync information (workaround for hosts that provide incorrect sync info).
  • Zoom in slicer improved. Reduced the general wobblyness, Zoom / Pan is now activated on double click.
  • Manual updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the file browser that could lead to crashes.
  • Fixed problem with some controls not responding when running multiple instances of LiveSlice.
  • Quantize would allow overlapping events - fixed.
  • Fixed tempo problem in Sonar using DirectiXer.
  • Slices were not reversed in the GUI.
  • Loop output settings are now cleared on "clear all".
  • First event in a track would have too high attack and release.
  • Snap no longer affects "lock to loop".
  • Error checking when importing cue-points as slices (fixes "silent slices" and "wrong slice num. reported" bugs).
  • Setting a MIDI controller to event and then to track mode caused the parameter to stop responding.
  • Manual sync would sometimes cause double triggering of the first event.
  • Gridlines going solid bug fixed .
  • Fixed crashes when triggering empty arrangements and using manual sync.
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