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Mackie releases Tracktion v3.0.1.4

Mackie has released version of Tracktion (currently for boxed owners only).

Changes since v3.0.0.18 (the version in all the Bundle Boxes):

  • Added French, German, and Spanish PDFs of the Tracktion 3 Reference Manual.
  • Auto Detect Beats for loops has been greatly improved.
  • The import rack option is now available even if no rack presets exist.
  • Tracktion now allows lasso (ALT + Drag) selecting of container clips.
  • The rack filter link buttons now work with automation or quick controls.
  • Tracktion now allows its temp directory to be on an external drive.
  • Improved MCU and C4 parameter display by centering them.
  • Fixed issue where Tracktion was not displaying Tempo Changes properly in all cases.
  • Fixed several apparently random crashing issues.
  • Fixed issue where Tracktion was not utilizing more than two cores on multi-core systems.
  • Fixed issue where Linplug Alpha patches were lost on edit reload when many instances were used.
  • Fixed crashing issue when pasting a group of tracks into a folder track.
  • Fixed issue with adding a pitch change in the middle of loops.
  • Fixed issue where tempo and time signature information was interpreted incorrectly when importing a MIDI file with Time Signature Changes in bar 1.
  • Fixed issue where nodes might be added incorrectly at the edges of a clip when dragging a clip with autolock enabled.
  • Fixed issue with Revert To Saved where VSTi's appeared the same color as VSTs and a pop-up warned that some VSTs were missing when they weren't.
  • Fixed issue where playing from partway through a pitch-shifted clip sometimes caused the wrong section of audio to play.
  • Fixed issue where the Loop Browser 'Descriptors' buttons enabled in strange combinations.
  • Fixed crashing issue when Copy/Pasting a Folder Track.
  • Fixed crashing issue when switching inputs to stereo pair while showing big meters.
  • Fixed issue where changing speed for audio clips was being calculated wrong.
  • Fixed issue where creating a folder containing other folders sometimes caused them to disappear.
  • Fixed issue where automation didn't follow a clip when using control-arrow keys.
  • Fixed issue where the screen freezes when editing long MIDI clips.
  • Fixed crashing issue when drag-copying edited container clips.
  • Fixed issue where an empty container clip could be created.
  • Fixed issue where slicing a loop clip caused the offset to reset to the start of the clip when moving the loop bar.
  • Fixed issue with multiple looped MIDI offset errors where the clip would incorrectly show its contents without offset.
  • Fixed issue where you could not click on an input to select it when the MIDI editor was shown.
  • Fixed issue where the Custom Controller Mapping editor function list would not update correctly.
  • Fixed issue where a small section at the beginning of a MIDI clip was rendering using the wrong velocities.
  • Fixed issue where vertical zooming from the mouse with closed folder tracks caused them to zoom to the wrong size.
  • Fixed issue where renaming a file name in the Project tab would not update the item in the list immediately.
  • Fixed issue where undoing copied and merged MIDI clips would leave the incorrect clip.
  • Fixed issue where solo was not muting frozen tracks.
  • Fixed issue where Cancel button had no effect on Render Track and Open Edit progress dialog boxes.
  • Fixed issue where making changes in the color editor with a plug-in selected would incorrectly change the focus back to the plug-in.
  • Fixed issue where choosing a different file for a clip to refer to did not restrict the type of file, allowing you to choose invalid files for clips.
  • Fixed issue where the text search in the color editor would fail when separating words with spaces.
  • Fixed an issue where, after a loop record pass, the cursor would move to an incorrect position.
  • Fixed issue where new tracks were sometimes routed to frozen tracks and thus wouldn't be heard.
  • Fixed issue where a MIDI clip would change to the incorrect length after disabling looping.
  • Fixed issue where tabbing away from a name field with the Tab key would incorrectly leave it highlighted.
  • Fixed issue where moving a filter from one track to another would cause it to disappear if the target track was full.
    • Fixed issue where edits improperly scrolled when dragging solid square clip editing tool.
  • Fixed issue where deleting all unused takes in a loop clip left the "plus" sign.
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