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Mackie updates Tracktion to v3.0.3.3

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Mackie has updated Tracktion to v3.0.3.3.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using a midnam file with more than 16 banks.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when wrapping multiple filters into a rack on the Master.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when automating the Panner type on the Mackie Panner.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when muting a MIDI clip with a key command crash.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using enabled audio outputs that appear after disabled outputs on the Mac.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when right-clicking on a rack filter.
  • Fixed various Mac Plug-in compatibility issues.
  • Fixed issue where sliders were sluggish in the properties panel on the Mac.
  • Fixed issue where opening a recovered edit could overwrite the original.
  • Fixed issue where rendering bus tracks didn't render the entire track.
  • Fixed issue where VCA automation would not render or export.
  • Fixed issue where initial value for automation was incorrect during render.
  • Recording no longer stops when creating a new marker.
  • Fixed some issues with handling of edits with lots of Time Signature changes.
  • Fixed issue where Large Plug-in UIs appeared with title bar off screen and thus couldn't be moved.
  • Key Command changing is now much snappier on the Mac.
  • Pop-up help has been added for auto-lock.
  • Fixed issue where rearranging tracks within folders could lead to unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed issue where "arm all inputs" worked incorrectly when some inputs were unassigned.
  • Tracktion now updates PDC for plug-ins that change their latency on the fly.
  • Fixed issue where automating rack input level and aux send levels could produce crackling.
  • Fixed an issue where the inputs would disappear on some multi-input tracks when deleting other tracks.
  • Fixed issue where offsets were incorrectly changed when looping was turned off on long MIDI clips.
  • Fixed issue where filters with GUIs stole focus as soon as the filter icon was selected.
  • Fixed issue where holding down the mouse on scroll bar arrows didn't scroll.
  • Fixed a graphics issue when transparency is used for the value entry box background.
  • Fixed issue where pasting collection clips put the clips on the wrong tracks.
  • Fixed issue where manually entering an automation value can delete adjacent points if they occur at the same time.
  • Fixed issue where the dry mix setting was being forgotten for the Mackie Reverb.
  • Fixed issue with playback of edits with two tempo changes occurring at the same time.
  • Fixed issue with plug-in playback after the master fade-out.
  • Collection clips now visually grey to show they are muted.
  • Fixed issue where Virtual MIDI inputs incorrectly allowed the assignment of inputs already in use by a control surface.
  • Fixed issue where key combinations using the option key displayed incorrectly on the Mac.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't unfreeze a folder that contained a track routed into another.
  • Improved the GUI response of dragging MIDI notes on the Mac.
  • Fixed a playback issue where MIDI clips on top of muted MIDI clips played incorrectly.
  • Improved drawing performance when dragging clips on Mac.
  • Fixed issue where performing a "render and add" on a folder put the new track within the folder instead of below it.
  • Fixed issue where a rack with multi inputs and outputs might not pass audio properly depending on the plug-ins used.
  • Fixed issue with the delay compensation of the effect of VCAs on their enclosed tracks.
  • Renamed "rescan all loops" option to "clear database and rescan all loops" to clarify this is a destructive operation. A warning has been added after choosing this option as well.
  • Fixed issue where adding a new object to the global or marker track would scroll the tracks to the top.
  • Fixed issue where trying to lasso select multiple clips might resize a track.
  • Mute/unmute hotkey now works for collection clips.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for home, end, and nudge now work for collection clips.
  • The panel browser now automatically refreshes any time audio is added to the edit/project.
  • Exporting an audio file with "only selected tracks" selected now treats selected folder tracks as if all their contents are selected.
  • Fixed issue where track inputs would move after a "render and add.
  • Fixed issues with sorting using column headers in the items list on the Project Tab.
  • Fixed a graphics issue where the error messages on audio inputs was being cut off.
  • Re-enabled the warning about lost MIDI notes for inputs.
  • When creating a new folder, the naming pop up now receives focus automatically.
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