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MeldaProduction updates all VST, AU & AAX Plugin Effects for Mac & Win to v8.05

MeldaProduction has updated all its effect plugins to v8.05, providing several optimizations, improvements and fixes. Check this link for more information about the update.

Changes in 8.05:

  • Added select random preset button next to each all buttons.
  • Added Economy mode to MVintageRotary and MRotary, which speeds up processing in 96kHz by about 3x and 192kHz by about 10x.
  • Modulation effects now provide "LFO override" feature, which lets you directly control the modulation signal, map it to modulators, automate it...
  • Colors of all time graphs can now be configured and are stored with the settings. Settings are not stored in MMultiAnalyzer as these are overridden by track colors.
  • All time graphs now support 2 axes, left and right, both can be overridden with different axes if needed.
  • Added select-all/none feature to MMultiAnalyzer.
  • Highly improved ADSRs - added immediate release, tremolo, hold down etc.
  • Most preset buttons are now bigger and contain preset name.
  • Highly improved harmonics detection from sample in signal generators in harmonic mode.
  • Advanced parameters from modulators (step sequencer, shape...) can now be learnt to other modulators / multiparameters.
  • ADSR custom shape editor is now zoomable and contains units.
  • Randomization for banks in multiparameters now allows the standard ctrl (for slight adjustment) & alt (for full randomization) combinations.
  • Improved upsampling performance and memory consumption.
  • Band settings (even advanced) of all equalizers are now displayed permanently until you close them or open another band's settings.
  • Randomizer subpresets are now hidden.
  • MMultiBandComb, MWobbler and MComb now has buttons to enable each filter directly from the tabs in the main view.
  • Fix: The plugins might have not generated additional channels when set to convert mono/stereo -> surround.
  • Fix: When moving multiparameter banks, the values of target parameters didn't immediately update.
  • Fix: MSpectralDynamics, MDynamics, MMultiBandDynamics could stop producing sound when some specific custom attack/release settings have been used.
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Fix: ADSR custom shapes didn't update until attack/release was changed.
  • Fix: Modulators could freeze during learning.
  • Fix: MRhythmizer didn't link MIDI note-offs between different sequence types.
  • Fix: Areas editor could crash when no areas have been loaded yet in all equalizers.
  • Fix: MMultiBandConvolution could freeze when a band has been added.
  • Fix: MVintageRotary could generate loud buzz or even crash under some specific settings and hosts.
  • Fix: MLoudnessAnalyzer was showing an dysfunctional horizontal zoomer and axis in the time graph view.
  • Fix: MDynamics and MMultiBandDynamics didn't store transfer shape time graph settings.
  • Fix: All time graphs didn't show loudness units as LU but dB instead and didn't match when extensively zoomed in.
  • Fix: MMultiAnalyzer could crash in certain situations involving loudness/waveform tab.
  • Fix: MMultiAnalyzer often caused glitches on change of graphical properties.
  • Fix: MTuner didn't provide MIDI output as AAX.
  • Fix: Plugins didn't update high-quality upsampling enable change immediately.
  • Fix: MRotary and MVintageRotary didn't sound the same in different sampling rates.
  • Fix: MDynamicEq and MAutoDynamicEq band advanced settings link grid didn't update immediately.
  • Fix: MFreeformEqualizer and MFreeformAnalogEq could crash when changing the processing graph.
  • Fix: Plugins might not have presets or some other data when installed on a multi-account machine.
  • Fix: Preset name might not have stored correctly if the preset list has changed.
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