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MeldaProduction has announced MDrummer, a sophisticated (not-only) percussive instrument engine for Windows. Advanced users can use the rich set of capabilities to enjoy the power of sound and rhythm systems of the virtual drummer. Beginners can use MDrummer simply to create great drum-tracks in almost no time.

MDrummerMDrummer will be available in several editions (see below) all offering VST plugin and standalone versions. A free version, MDrummer S, is available now along with a demo version of the full version.

Features / Specs / Info:

  • Universal sound system lets you tweak the sound providing the most advanced tools - plugin based sound generators (several method of sampling and synthesis) and effects (compressor, equalizers, phaser, vibrato, tremolo...), unlimited number of drums, velocity layers and effects, etc.
  • Drumset generator and merger can be used to generate almost unlimited number of original drumsets in a few clicks.
  • MDrummer Rhythm System (MRS) gives you power to create rhythm tracks in 2 minutes without limiting your creativity. Any style, any signature, any percussion instrument, strictly general MIDI compatible. And when you are not satisfied, you need just a few clicks to change the rhythm in the entire song. No more stupid MIDI files, grooves, loop collections or similar archaic nonsense.
  • Plays groove, automatically puts fills and just works like a real drummer. Give him order to play and he will know what to do. You can practice or jam with him, build rhythm tracks for your songs or even use him instead of a real drummer.
  • Rhythm Generator creates the entire rhythm containing groove (alterations with different complexity level) and hundreds of fills, intros and outros from just one groove base loop. This way you can always create a perfect rhythm for your song. You create a groove base loop, which defines character of your rhythm track and is really easy to make. Then you select some predefined settings and click a process button, that is all. In almost no time you will get exactly what you want. Or maybe even something better...
  • Save your own resources and organize them in folders for quick access in any project. MDrummer lets you to store almost anything - drumsets, rhythms, drums, layers, loops and so on... It is not just a VST plugin, it is a complete drumming studio.
  • Large library of resources is included.
  • Updates and packages free for life: MDrummer downloads and installs updates and additional resources (samples, subsample libraries, rhythms, grooves...) for free. No more extension packs.

MDrummer will be available in several editions [more details]:

  • MDrummer S (FREE), available now, excludes advanced features such as the drumset editor or rhythm generator. It is absolutely free and includes both standalone application and VST plugin. With MDrummer S you cannot edit anything (drumset, rhythms, loops etc.), however it contains reasonable set of resources (drumsets, rhythms etc.).
  • MDrummer M (€119) is a standard version for anyone who would like play with the sound and rhythms. It also contains the automatic update manager, which makes the software always up-to-date.
  • MDrummer L (€199) includes the rhythm generator and huge library of loops and base-rhythms used by the rhythm generator. The advanced update and package installer lets you keep the software up-to-date and also download more resources (samples, subsample libraries, rhythms, loops etc.) for free.
  • MDrummer XXL (€399) is the total drum solution. By purchasing this edition you obtain right to any new version of MDrummer and your package installer downloads even commercial packages for free. It also contains utilities to create your own subsample and multisample libraries and to create samples from audio tracks.
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