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MellowMuse has released updates for EQ1A (v1.5), CP1A (v1.5), IR1A (v2.1) and Mellowhead (v2.1) and introduced a new vintage series compressor, CP2V Vintage Compressor.

CP1A EQ1A IR1A Mellowhead

CP2V Vintage Compressor
The vintage styled CP2V is a track and program compressor that captures the smoothness and harmonic richness of analogue circuits, in an easy to use package. Turning the Compression control gradually increases the compression ratio while lowering the threshold. The Drive level is then used to adjust for the drop in output and to add saturation to the compressed signal.

With ease of use being a primary goal, the preset attack and release times mean there's no searching for the sweet spot. All compression and saturation algorithms are 4x oversampled using 64-bit internal processing for increased clarity and resolution.

Pricing & Availability

CP2V costs $79 and is available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST, AU and RTAS effect plug-in formats.

IR1A Convolver v2.1:

  • New GUI.
  • AU mono processing fixed.
  • New predelay algorithm.
  • OSX low level noise fixed.
  • 16/24/32 float file import.

Mellowhead Guitar Amp v2.1:

  • New GUI.
  • AU mono processing fixed.
  • New delay algorithm.

CP1A Compressor v1.5:

  • New GUI.
  • AU mono processing fixed.

EQ1A Equaliser v1.5:

  • New GUI.
  • AU mono processing fixed.
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06 Oct 2010 MellowMuse releases "SATV Vintage Saturator" and "Vintage Series Bundle"

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