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Mellowmuse releases Windows versions of CP1A, EQ1A and IR1A and updates ATA to v1.2e

Mellowmuse has announced that all its plug-ins are now available for both Mac OS X and Windows in VST, RTAS and AU plug-in formats, with the exception of Auto Time Adjuster, which is RTAS only and has just been updated to v1.2e. The plug-ins cost $49 each.

Auto Time Adjuster

Auto Time Adjuster (ATA) is an RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools LE/M-Powered, designed to ease your workflow when using plug-ins that generate significant latency. Currently to compensate for plug-in latency you have to either move individual audio tracks backwards/forwards, or use the included Time Adjuster plug-in to fix the delay of each track in turn. One plug-in change can mean a lot of tweaks every time you change a plug-in in a large project.

New Features in v1.2e include:

  • "P" key command, when Master ATA is the foreground plug-in, will ping all tracks.
  • "P" key command, when any other ATA is the foreground plug-in, will ping just that one track.
  • Manual values can be entered directly into the latency field of individual ATAs.
  • Individual ATAs can be locked by clicking on the padlock, they will then keep their current value regardless of changes to proceeding plug-ins or pinging.
  • A total value in the Master ATA indicates the total delay that all tracks are offset by, this can be used to sync Video manually to ATA or when importing bounced tracks (shift imported audio early by this amount).

CP1A Stereo Compressor

CP1A is an all purpose stereo/mono compressor, capable of subtle dynamics taming to creative drum shaping. CP1A utilizes a feed forward design with multi stage level detection/reduction to minimize distortion at extreme settings. Controls have been kept to a minimum for ease of use.

The "Mix" control allows easy parallel compression of drums, by enabling the compressed signal to be mixed with the original. There is also High Pass control for the level detector, allowing you to pass more of the lower frequencies, great for keeping your kick drum from losing its thump.


  • Parallel compression mix.
  • HP control for envelope detector.
  • Low distortion even at extreme compression settings.

EQ1A Program Equaliser

EQ1A is a smooth analog style program EQ, featuring Hipass, frequency sweepable Low/High Shelf, variable frequency/Q Low and High mid and Output level controls, and CPU efficient design, to allow high instance counts.


  • HP 11hz - 1khz.
  • Low Shelf 30hz - 500hz.
  • Low Mid 200hz - 2khz.
  • High Mid 500hz - 6khz.
  • High Shelf 1.5khz - 17.5khz.

IR1A Convolution Reverb

IR1A is a general purpose convolution plug-in that can load 16bit/24bit mono or stereo AIFF or WAV files. Great for anything from natural room ambiences and reverb to guitar cabinets and special FX.

IR1A comes with a selection of IRs, including reverbs, room ambience and guitar cabinets. As it loads standard AIFF/WAV files its easy to create your own or take advantage of the many free IRs available on the internet.


  • Efficient 4096 sample latency mode for IRs up to 10 seconds at 44.1 (480,000 samples).
  • Zero latency mode for use with short guitar cab IRs etc (256 samples).
  • IR length control (for gating style effects).
  • File browser and loading.
  • IR Predelay 0-250ms.
  • IR Highpass filter.
  • IR Lowpass filter.
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