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MusE 2.0 Beta Now Available

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A beta version of MusE 2.0 is now available for download. MusE now sports a score editor (again) and lots of GUI love, not to speak of all under-the-hood improvements and optimizations. In its current state MusE should be quite usable though there is definitely going to be more fixes before the final 2.0 release.

Here is a selection of changes in no particular order, see the ChangeLog for the complete unedited truth:

  • Feedback parameters added to LADSPA GUIs.
  • Added new score editor.
  • Song loading stability fixes, some crashes removed.
  • Improved ladspa and dssi controller responsiveness.
  • Lots of graphical improvements to arranger, part drawing, gradients, text drawing.
  • Added more routing choices: Synth to Wave track, Wave track to Wave track etc.
  • DSSI synths can now show generic LADSPA GUI as well as native.
  • Improvements to MIDI-only audio-stub (dummy audio).
  • More shortcuts added to Arranger.
  • Support for custom LADSPA DSSI GUIs, such as those generated by FLAM http://vagar.org/code/projects/flam.
  • Fixed problems with MIDI event list editor, e.g. problems selecting items while pianroll open.
  • Added: Pianoroll controller graph items can now be selected/highlighted.
  • Parts are now drawn while recording and also MIDI events visible in the parts.
  • Added new edit mode CURSOR MODE in drum editor.
  • Added simple part drawing while recording, does not draw events or waveform.
  • Detect samplerate and warn if samplerate isn't same in song and system.
  • Added show/hide track-types buttons to arranger.
  • Added progress dialog for loading projects.
  • Fixed drag & drop for plugins and drag presets from outside muse into a plugin.
  • Support for multiple drops of files to arranger, e.g. easy import of a bunch of wave files.
  • Fixed Organ synth crashing.
  • Persistent store of toolbar locations for main window and editors.
  • Fixed MusE failing with some non-RT kernels.
  • Added cut/copy/paste and keyboard shortcuts to wave editor.
  • Fixed regression with Bounce to File and Bounce to Track.
  • Increased playback MIDIFifo size from 512 to 2100, to accommodate large block sends,.
  • Fixed Jack MIDI 'lost event' messages due to full buffers.
  • Fixed panic button.
  • Completed soloing system (after 4 years). Support chaining MIDI Port/Audio Out -> Audio In.
  • Support for editing audio automation on tracks.
  • Added right-click on track ARM buttons, now enables/disables all tracks of it's kind.
  • Added transport position "Shift + +/-" keys, for no snapping.
  • Fixed deicsonze synth patch loading.
  • Added default velocity controllers to pianoroll and drum edit.
  • Appearance part color names now can now be edited.
  • Mixer label colours can now be edited in the appearance settings.
  • More wallpapers.
  • Fixed focus stealing of transport.
  • New project creation dialog.
  • MIDI track info added to pianoroll.
  • Added fancy background selection widget with live preview to Appearance Settings.

The full changelog is available here.

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