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Music Computing

Musikmesse 2014Music Computing announces StudioBLADE 4 and ControlBLADE 4 Keyboard Production Stations

Music Computing has announced the Gen 4 versions of the StudioBLADE and ControlBLADE all-in-one music keyboard production stations.

StudioBLADEs and ControlBLADEs are essentially professional studios built into a single box, which allow users to compose; record, mix, and master songs that are ready for radio or direct Internet distribution.

New for the StudioBLADE 4 are the addition of GPU processors and HyperDrive systems, a fusion of SSD and 7200 rpm hard drives that are four times (4X) higher performance. Able to utilize up to dual Xeon 6-core processors for a total of 12-cores and 192GB of RAM, the new StudioBLADE 4 is a powerful keyboard production station.

New for the ControlBLADE 4 are the addition of GPU processors, HyperDrives, higher RAM capacity and four (4) open PCIe low-profile slots. Able to utilize the latest 4th generation i5 and i7 processors and 32GB of RAM, the new ControlBLADE 4 bring professional music production capabilities to the masses at a more affordable price.

New SSD options are now available for all models, further increasing the performance of the systems.

"The new StudioBLADE 4 and ControlBLADE 4 models are designed to perform to the needs of today's music producers." Said Victor Wong, CEO, Music Computing. "They contain the latest and best available."

StudioBLADE 4 is priced from $4,499 with the ControlBLADE 4 priced from $2,499.



Discussion: Active
14 April 2014 at 5:14pm

I spent $4000.00 on a StudioBlade and it never worked. Stuck notes, missing notes. After over a year of of me being VERY patient, and very responsive technical support, nothing was ever fixed right. I wanted my money back and couldn't get it. But I'm just one person that lost $4000.00.

They "upgraded" it and charged me another $1000.00 but the keyboard still didn't work right. I pleaded with them again and again to resolve my issues or just give my money back; they refused and said my support was cut off because I owed them another $1000.00.

I never want to hurt a small company that's trying to make it; but now it's been YEARS, and they just took my money and I ended up with a bucket of bolts.

i was basically a Beta tester I guess. a sucker.

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