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MusicDevelopments releases RapidComposer v2.5 and announces Holiday Sale

MusicDevelopments has announced the release of version 2.5 of RapidComposer, a major update with a rewritten user manual and extra content for registered users (200+ reusable phrases). The update features the new Melody Generator, composition templates and many other improvements.

MusicDevelopments has also announced a Holiday Sale: RapidComposer is available with 40% discount until the end of year.

Changes in RapidComposer 2.5:

  • New phrase generator specialized for making melodies: Melody Generator (not found in LE version).
  • New rhythm generator: Bass Rhythm to create interesting rhythm patterns for bass.
  • Custom phrases are saved in separate files. A phrase is written to file immediately when added to the browser.
  • Directory can be specified to store custom phrases in (Settings/Directories tab).
  • Chord palette reworked, bugs fixed, flats and sharps correctly displayed.
  • Metronome added and redesigned UI in phrase editor.
  • UI improvements on the MIDI Import panel.
  • Composition templates supported, several templates provided.
  • Note editing: 'Move Notes To New Phrase' in context pop-up menu.
  • Add composition to history with comments (shortcut: K). It is easy to look up an earlier state.
  • [VST] stability improvements (Reaper does not crash at exit).
  • New keyboard shortcuts added for filling tracks with phrases and some shortcuts changed.
  • Various fixes and improvements in the structure editor. Rearrange parts and lines by drag and drop.
  • Snap/Grid: Bar option.
  • New phrase transpose mode: Octave.
  • Shortcuts '1' to '9' to start editing lines 1 to 9, Ctrl-'1' to Ctrl-'9' edits parts 1 to 9.
  • Shortcut 'Insert' inserts one beat at the timeline position, Ctrl-'Insert' inserts one bar.
  • Shortcut '\' splits selected phrases at the timeline position.
  • Resizing the generator phrases (dragging the right edge) works again.
  • Specifying manual rhythm works in the idea tool.
  • Exported MIDI sometimes included the metronome track. This is fixed.
  • The rhythm was not saved in the phrase browser for custom phrases that used "Manual Editing".
  • Scale preview fixed in the scale browser.
  • Possible crash at MIDI import fixed (for corrupted MIDI files, or files containing unexpected data). MIDI import stability improved.
  • New editing setting to reset transposition when phrase is added by doubleclicking.
  • Small size soundfonts added.
  • Chord progression preview will use the right scale for major and minor scale formulas (in progression browser and progression editor).
  • Dozens of other smaller improvements and fixes.
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