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MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v2.6 and announces Anniversary Sale

MusicDevelopments has updated RapidComposer to v2.6 and announced its Anniversary Sale.

The latest major update includes dozens of improvements and bug fixes based on feedback and suggestions from RapidComposer users. Besides the workflow improvements, the OS X version became more solid and some new phrase generators and variations were added.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the first release, RapidComposer is available at a 30% discount in April.


  • [OS X] 64-bit VST plug-in and standalone is included.
  • Idea Tool is usable in the VST plug-in (in full edition).
  • New phrase generator: Strings Staccato Generator with Density setting.
  • New phrase generator: Piano Run Generator with several techniques.
  • New phrase generator: Dyads Run.
  • New variation: Mirror Vertically (melodic inversion).
  • Two new phrase properties added: 'Mask Beginning' and 'Time Offset'.
  • Dragging the left edge of a phrase masks notes at the beginning.
  • Shift-dragging a phrase changes the time offset of the phrase events.
  • Sending and receiving MIDI Start/Stop/Continue and sending MIDI Clock messages implemented.
  • 'Velocity' added to variations so that you have full control over note on velocities.
  • Unghost phrases.
  • Timeline range selection changed: use Shift-drag and Shift-click for selection/deselection.
  • Fill track with phrases can use the timeline range.
  • [OS X] Virtual MIDI Output created that you can select as source in your DAW.
  • During note editing the note name is displayed next to the mouse pointer.
  • 'Persist Name' and 'Auto Increment' added to the phrase editor to improve workflow.
  • An optional name field is added to 'Save Selected Phrases' which is auto-incremented if it contains a number.
  • Progress information is displayed when saving phrases, loading and analysing MIDI files.
  • MIDI drag-and-drop improvements: drag selected range on the timeline or active part/line only.
  • UI improvements on the VST settings page, "Scan For Plug-ins" implemented.
  • 'Triplet' and 'Eighth Note Triplet' snap and grid is available in rhythm 'Manual Editing'.
  • 'Split Phrases At Chord Boundaries' in timeline inspector (Keyboard shortcut: '|').
  • Batch conversion of MIDI files to phrases.
  • Adjustable Popup Help Delay in the preferences.
  • 'New composition' default settings can be specified in the preferences.
  • It is possible to disable soundfont rendering in the RC VST plug-in.
  • [OS X] UI rendering improvements to decrease processor usage during playback.
  • [OS X] Foundation classes and VST plug-in handling reworked to increase stability.
  • New keyboard shortcut for 'Select All Phrases In Current Track': Ctrl-A.
  • New keyboard shortcut for 'Regenerate All Selected Generators': Ctrl-G.
  • New keyboard shortcut for 'Select Nth Track': Alt-1..9.
  • Fix for a bug when splitting phrases that had 'scale' as the resizing mode.
  • Fix window resizing issue when in full screen mode.
  • Built-in sequencer was made very precise.
  • Latency issues with loop playback were fixed.
  • Occasional muted notes during playback of a humanized track fixed.
  • Chord palette does not reset its settings and window size when new chord selected.
  • Empty beats are not removed when saving a phrase in the Phrase Editor.
  • General MIDI Controller set was not added to imported MIDI tracks when set in the preferences.
  • MIDI controllers are named from the controller set when a composition is loaded.
  • Fix for a possible chord progression library corruption in the Idea Tool.
  • Fix for various problems during MIDI import.
  • [Windows] MIDI drag and drop improvements (with StudioOne).
  • [OS X] Fix for a crashing menu handling bug.

For more info: http://www.musicdevelopments.com

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