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MuTools releases MuLab 4.1
28th March 2012
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MuTools has announced the release of MuLab 4.1 (actually v4.1.8).


  • The Session Modular Area has been replaced by a complete MUX resulting in these benefits:
    • Simplified MuLab architecture.
    • You can make a custom Play Editor with session parameters/editors.
    • You can use session-level meta-parameters.
    • Simplified MIDI controller mapping hierarchy.
    • Session MUX Editors can be hidden to the dock.
    • The whole session can be transposed.
  • Audio Inverter module.
  • New "Split Per MIDI Channel" composition function. This function also is automatically used on importing MIDI files.
  • Integrated user movie recorder.


  • Evolved MuVerb:
    • Includes a filter that colors the reverb only.
    • Decay Time up to 100%.
    • Instability parameter transformed into Turbulence Amp + Speed.
    • Restyled editor.
  • Fine-tuned audio alert when crossing limits in MuLab Free/XT, using a soft noise instead of a (creepy?) voice.
  • Improved multi-monitor support.
  • Audio Lab: [Alt]+click = monitor selection/slice.
  • Drag-dropping a module on a track now preserves the target MIDI channel.
  • The event outputs in the Session MUX are auto named to the respective MIDI output port.
  • Track -> "Choose Target Module" function back in play.
  • Targets default at MIDI channel 1 instead of 'none'. So e.g. when recording a new audio track, the track's MIDI channel is set to 1 instead of "Per Part".
  • MultiSampla now is velocity sensitive by default.
  • AudioBalancer 1->2 and 2->1: Gain parameter modulation now uses multiplication instead of summing.
  • Fine-tuned auto-focus module behavior, especially in the modular editor.
  • Fine-tuned UI of indicating selections in a list.
  • Composer/Sequence Editor Grid Panel: When popping up the grid list, actual grid is clearly indicated.
  • Fine-tuned loading of M3 sessions.
  • Racks: Mouse wheel events that occur inside the same vertical area as the mixerstrip do not scroll the rack desk for otherwise this may unintentionally change the volume/pan sliders.
  • Several UI enhancements.
  • Internal tunings & restructurings.


  • Dropping a VST parameter on a MUX meta-parameter caused a crash.
  • In some cases, when loading another MUX patch, dependent Play Editors were not properly updated.
  • Fixed several editing issues wrt using multiple MIDI channels per track.
  • Session -> Manage Audio Files didn't work as intended. Fixed.
  • The 'Output' setting of multi-sample zones was not loaded/saved.
  • MuLab Free/XT: When user had 8/16 VSTs in database (exactly the limit) then on quit the product versions web-page was still shown.
  • When popping up the patch/module list, the MUX patches didn't have an icon.
  • While dragging envelope points the envelope wasn't played.
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Discussion: Active


29 March 2012 at 6:55ampc2000

The new free version is not very usable like previous versions. Earlier versions allowed copying or merging MIDI data. A creative soul won't get too far with this version.

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