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Nucleus SoundLab updates Viral Outbreak to v1.4

Nucleus SoundLab has updated Viral Outbreak to version 1.4.


  • Added SFZ support. You can drag-and-drop from anywhere or use the file-browser to load from inside the DATA folder. Its going to load as a sound. The following is loaded: WAV Sample, Key Zones, Velocity Zones, Key-Root, Group-Settings, Pan, Fine-Tuning, Choke-Groups and Default-Path. All the rest gets ignored and should be saved with the WusikPRST file instead. It doesn't support disk-streaming for SFZ files, and no compressed (ogg) files either.
  • Preset Comments Option added: inside the file-browser, click on Options and Other Options. This is saved in the WusikPRST file, but also in the project. So you can add a comment, and it gets saved in the project but not in the WusikPRST file until you save it. This text is showed in a modal window when you open/load the project/preset.
  • New multi-line editor for the Library Link comments. The same used above for the Presets-Comments.
  • New option on the File-Browser->Options->Other Options: Show Preset Comments - Enabled/Disabled - this is global and saved in the wIni file.
  • Changed Master Limiter and Fade-Sound are now Global and saved in the wIni file. All instances will follow any changes made.
  • Changed When using the Groove-Box, the whole preset BPM will sync to the Groove-Box parameters. If its set to external sync, its going to use the host tempo, otherwise, its going to use the pattern or global tempo for the whole synth.
  • New 16 Bit format, for both WusikSND and the option above. Disk-Streaming also works for 16 bit files. Files saved in 16 bit are not compatible with previous Wusikstation versions. To save in 16 bits, open the Sample-Editor and select the WusikSND Save option. There's a 32 and a 16 option. We will release the info on this format changes so sound-converter-developers can add this function to their software. (aWave, Extreme Sample Converter and Translator).
  • New WusikPACK file format. Now you can select one preset or a folder of presets and you will get a WusikPACK file of all related files: presets, sounds and effects. You can also manually add any other files from the DATA folder to a WusikPACK file. e.g.: Skins, Library files, extra effect presets. This will replace all installers for new sounds, presets, effects and skins. Making it much easier to install new things into the WusikEngine based products. To add a WusikPACK file, just drag-and-drop the file into an empty area of the interface. Or into the file-browser directory or file listing. You can also open the file-browser and select options->UnPack.
  • Drag-and-Drop ability for WAV and WusikSND files from ANY directory. Just drop it to an empty area of the GUI. If the file is from the DATA folder, its going to be saved as relative-to-the-data-folder, otherwise, its going to save the full C:\... path information.
  • New "fix broken sound-links" option in the File-Browser->Options menu. This will search all presets and fix the broken sounds-links.
  • New "fix library broken preset-links" option in the File-Browser->Options menu. This will search all library files and fix the broken preset-links.
  • 16 Bits Batch-Converter option added. You can chose a directory and convert all 32 bits files to 16 bits. (with the option to replace or keep the original files, and also process all sub-folders)
  • New Multi-Out file with 9 outputs: each layer outputs to an individual bus, plus 2 FX and 1 Main output. (mix of all outputs) This requires the wIni file to be updated. If you want the old behaviour, just delete the "Multi Out Ext" line and the following "1" line. (both lines)
  • Improved Master Limiter. (better sound)
  • Added Integrated sample-editor with sampling/recording, auto-loop, cross-fade, advanced options, automated recording/sampling, audio-input, ... Now you can both edit and create new sample material for Wusikstation. To open the sample-editor, just click the Waveform graphic next to the SoundSet name.
  • Added Audio-Input. Any audio feed into Wusikstation will pass to both the Sample-Recorder and the Effect Send 1. (FX1)
  • Added PNG support with Alpha-Blending. This is a big deal for skin designers. Background images should still be in BMP, but anything that goes on top can be a transparent PNG file.
  • Changed: Layer's Volume will be at normal setting at the middle, anything above that will BOOST the layer's volume.
  • Some new basic Waveforms added from WusikStation 5.6.2 (See your Soundsets\Waveforms folder)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed several skin bugs (missing Arpeggiator controls etc.).
  • Fixed problem with one-shot samples and the W1/W2 layers (e.g.: Drumatoxin presets).
  • Fixed problem with Fix-Broken-Sound-Links and older presets.
  • Fixed a problem with single-shot WAV files.
  • Fixed a problem with loading presets quickly (related to the GrooveBox, even with presets that doesn't use it).
  • Fixed problem on loading non-looped WusikSND files.
  • Fixed several buffer related problems.
  • Fixed problem with library files. When the preset is not found, it searches for the file and re-saves the library file. Now it keeps the extra text-information in the new file.
  • Improved "Missing sounds" warning message. Using the same message-code as above. Before it wouldn't display in some situations, it would just blink very fast and disappear.
  • Fixed a problem with Sticky-Paths in the File-Browser.
  • Fixed a problem on loading sounds from the File-Browser for the first time.
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