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Planet-H updates G-Stomper Beat Studio for Android to v3.0 - Integrates New Virtual Analog FM Synthesizer and Polyphonic Sequencing

Planet-H has updated G-Stomper Beat Studio for Android to v3.0, introducing the new (now integrated) VA-Beast Synthesizer and polyphonic Sequencing.

It's a free upgrade for all owners of the G-Stomper Beat Studio full version.

Release Notes

New Modules:

  • VA-Beast Synthesizer fully integrated (up to 12 times multitimbral).
  • Polyphony: Up to 10 concurrent Voices per Instance/Track.
  • Full Motion Sequencing support for Faders.
  • VA-Beast Poly Grid (Polyphonic Step Sequencer with up to 12 tracks)
    The usage of the poly grid is similar to the existing note grid, but with the following enhancements:
    • Polyphonic Sequencing: Up to 10 concurrent voices per Track.
    • Variable Note length: 1..128.
    • Variable Velocity: 0..127.
    • Selective Note Shifting and editing.
  • VA-Beast Full-Size Piano, a view with 2 full size Piano Rolls, each with independent octave settings.
  • USB MIDI Support:
    • You can map up to 13 different MIDI channels, one 12 to the different synthesizer tracks, and one to a merge of all sampler tracks.
    • The sampler/drum tracks are mapped in an non-tonal way, all tracks (T1-24) are mapped to the noteNo 48-71:C3-A#4.
    • Support for: MIDI Clock, Start, Stop, Continue, NoteOn/Off, Velocity, ModWheel and PitchBend.

Most important changes (audio core):

  • VA-Beast Synthesizer Core.
  • All Filters have been rebuilt from scratch.
  • Many performance improvements and bug-fixes in the Effects.
  • Proper Resampling Algorithm in the sample loader, playback and audio exporter.
  • The Master/Sum EFX provides now all Effect Types (like in the efx section).
  • The engine runs now in native sample rate, e.g. 48kHz on Nexus7 devices.
  • Major performance improvements in the audio core.
  • Variable Sample Rate (settings dialog: Audio).

Most important changes (Sequencer):

  • Motion Sequencing support for the BPM/Tempo (disabled by default: can be enabled in the settings dialog).
  • New Roll feature for the samplers (known from many Grooveboxes) to send 2 or 4 triggers in a row for a single step. This allows drum rolls with a time signature up to 1/256.

Most important changes (GUI):

  • The automation of the EFX chain switch is now bound to the efx automation (no longer to pattern related automations). It can be cleared and initialized in the EFX view like the other EFX params.
  • New fader and button tooltips (replacing the previous display values).
  • New Efx Chain switch in the EFX section.
  • New State 'VT1-12' on EFX Edit, Master Edit and Mixer to switch to the new Synthesizer Tracks.
  • The switches for 'T1-12', 'T13-24', 'VT1-12' are now independent on most screens. The only remaining views where these switches are synchronized is mainscreen and the sampler note grid.
  • New Mod Menu on Mixer View.
  • New Efx Edit + Efx Send switch on all Sequencer Views as well as on Drum Pads.
  • New Efx Edit switch on the Mixer view.
  • New Song Mode Controls Layout.
  • New (smaller) size of the top navigation bar.
  • New 'Select View' switch on all screens for easier navigation.
  • Overall GUI performance improvement.
  • Many bug-fixes in the User Interface.

Price: $7.59.

For further details check out the KVR Audio Product Page.

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