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PreSonus updates Studio One to v2.0.4

PreSonus has announced that Studio One version 2.0.4 is available now. PreSonus Exchange is now supported directly in Studio One's file browser.

PreSonus Exchange is a community hub for sharing user-created content. All registered Studio One users have access and can upload to and download from the Exchange. Instrument and effects presets, FX Chains, Sound Sets, and much more are easily shared, with user ratings and comments showing the way to the best content the community has to offer.

Changes in Studio One 2.0.4:

  • Add: PreSonus Exchange client integrated into Studio One file browser.
  • Add: Sound Set installation path in sound set location options.
  • Add: Servers Tab in file browser.
  • Add: Edit with Melodyne now bounces if event is 10 sec shorter than clip, audio parts are always bounced.
  • Add: Drag Send slot to arrangement track.
  • Add: [Project] Selected track follows previous and next command.
  • Add: Crosshair for bend marker editing.
  • Add: Tempo segments are now modified by factor when multiple segments are selected.
  • Add: Automation drawing changed to preserve curve after last automation point.
  • Fix: Moving a bend marker (with Alt) could fail if the marker appears in multiple events.
  • Fix: [Open AIR] Popping in reverb tail.
  • Fix: Vanishing waveform on full zoom in with very long stems.
  • Fix: Mixer output channels scroll redraw bug.
  • Fix: [Project] Sub marker can be over track marker.
  • Fix: [Project] Image export is only wave.
  • Fix: [Win] Timeline cursor not moving with MOTU USB/Firewire interfaces.
  • Fix: Edit of rendered event fx not respected on restore.

Changes in Studio One 2.0.3:

  • Add: Drag Send from open channel to closed channel view.
  • Add: [Pro EQ] Band name highlight when mouse is over graphical EQ.
  • Add: Remove from recent files list command per entry on Start Page.
  • Add: Crossfade grouped editing.
  • Add: Remove track and instrument command in track controls context menu.
  • Add: Drag to Soundcloud node in browser.
  • Add: Quantize Panel has quantize on track or in event switch.
  • Add: Command for inserting bend markers (Alt+Insert).
  • Add: Audio quantize and transient detection only applied to event range.
  • Fix: [Melodyne] Tracks can have timing offset when edited with Melodyne.
  • Fix: [Melodyne] Crash if audio files are missing.
  • Fix: Hang on songs with OpenAIR loaded.
  • Fix: Track list mixer Hide/Show not synced when mixer is closed.
  • Fix: Event transpose and velocity not changed after merge.
  • Fix: File name of bounced files gets truncated.
  • Fix: Input follow does not respect monitor follows record option.
  • Fix: Folder track bus selector not updated when bus is removed.
  • Fix: Remove track unhides hidden track.
  • Fix: Stem export can have mixed signal on stem.
  • Fix: Hidden outputs not usable when importing version 1 songs.
  • Fix: Automation value edit not working for 3rd party plugins.
  • Fix: Locate in empty space not enabled for note editor.
  • Fix: Crash with Copy Ranges to track.
  • Fix: Crash using bypass with some plugins.
  • Fix: Crash in Level Meter RMS length switch.
  • Fix: Crash after deleting note event.
  • Fix: Toggle snap with shift not working when inserting bend marker.
  • Fix: Audio quantize improved for too far away markers.
  • Fix: Opening editor suspends auto scroll.
  • Fix: Jumping bend markers while inserting.
  • Fix: Bend marker not immediately updated in editor.
  • Fix: Removed keyboard shortcuts are restored.
  • Fix: [Sample One] Resets parameters when using previous and next sample buttons.
  • Fix: [Ampire] Global FX LED not working for Tube Driver.
  • Fix: [Scope] Not retriggering when using time scale.
  • Fix: [Open AIR] Crash with multichannel wave files.
  • Fix: [Tuner] Displays wrong octave.
  • Fix: [Project] Image export cue file has better compatibility.
  • Fix: [Project] UPC/EAN code not written correctly.
  • Fix: [Project] DDP export can crash when CD limits reached.
  • Fix: [Project] Divider position not saved in project.
  • Fix: [Project] DDP export not compatible with WaveLab.
  • Fix: [Project] CD can have shifted audio.
  • Fix: [OSX] Mixer bank disabled track graphic bug.
  • Fix: [OSX] Redraw bug when zooming selected track.
  • Fix: [OSX] Save As dialog has empty file name box.
  • Fix: [Windows] Performance issue with RME USB interface at 48 Samples.
  • Fix: [Windows] MIDI recording not working with NI USB audio interfaces.
  • Fix: [Windows] ASIO lock with Steinberg USB driver.
  • And some other minor fixes.
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